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These two are my security: my husband and my best friend.
There comes a moment in your life where you go through everything you’ve been through in your life and examine the constants. Sure you have your parents, if you’re lucky enough, but there are those people you talk to every single day who you can always count on for anything and everything. My husband and my best friend have been my constants. You hear about unconditional love and you automatically think of your pets. I have pets, and yes, they love me unconditionally but I can 100% say with all my heart that these two people love me unconditionally. We’ve been through some good, bad, and really ugly times. I can think of a few times where even I didn’t want to be friends with me anymore but these two don’t give up and I love them for that. I can conquer the world as long as I have these two with me.

10 years and counting.



Happily married, bookaholic, Netflix-a-holic sharing random experiences and interpretations of my world which is brutally honest most of the time.

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12 thoughts on “Secure

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  2. Michaela

    This is so nice to read. I’m always sorry for people who don’t have people like this in their lives. By the way, you’re so beautiful bride!

  3. Nel Post author

    I agree. And I always hope those ppl are lucky enough to meet someone who can be in their lives no matter what. Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

    1. Nel Post author

      Thank you I hope so too πŸ™‚ Between you and me though he doesn’t have a choice ;D

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