What’s in Our Yard?

So my husband and I bought our first house last September. Then, it was cold and snowy so besides the oak trees and the bazillion leaves that fell from them, we had no idea what the grass looked like underneath. Now, it’s spring and it’s been raining a lot with random bouts of snow and sunshine and we’re starting to see greenery pop up in the yard. Because of the trees, most of our yard is covered in moss. The previous owners also put down so much mulch that last month I dug out a lot of it so that our foundation could breathe. I also ripped out a lot of plants that were just in my way and looked like weeds. I know nothing about flowers. I can point out a tulip, daffodil and a gerber daisy and that’s the extent of my flower knowledge. I don’t know shrubbery or ground cover either but I’m taking great joy in these little surprises that have been popping up all over the yard. Now I just need an expert to tell me if these are keepers or not! Regardless, I’m really glad I got the photo opportunity even through this cloudy day. My cellphone photography skills are really getting good!


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12 thoughts on “What’s in Our Yard?

  1. Very cool surprises. I purchased a home years ago in the winter of all times and found the same kind of surprises myself come the next spring. Like Christmas all over again!

  2. Hi, top left is a bluebell :), nice to see your surprises, there is no weed, all plants have a purpose in nature, although I have to admit dandelions have no home in my garden …

    • Thank you 🙂 My husband seems to think all the flowers are weeds because of their wild growth all over the lawn. I told him that’s why they’re called wild flowers! I have to agree with you though on the dandelions.

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