Facebook Friday 3/23/18

TGIF. I need a drink! Too bad I can’t though but man what a day, what a week! Not only did it snow out of nowhere, but I got a huge crack in my windshield and had to get it replaced (unexpected expenses is always a fun time) and then I got into with my boss this morning because he walked in in a craptastic mood and tried to take it out on me (which I was not having). Counting down the hours until I can go home and vegetate for two days!

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

Another week gone by and no cool memes to share. Maybe next week.

I did share a video though! If you ever needed a pick me up, this guy says it great. I watched it once and then I watched again because like he says, and you’ll see, “it can always be worse.”:

Lastly, I didn’t share any pictures to Facebook but I did get a couple videos of the alien inside me moving. I don’t want to freak you guys out though so here’s a picture of the other cat in the same blanket as jerk cat last week that my husband took and shared to me:


That’s it for Facebook Friday! Sorry it’s coming to you late but better late than never right?? Hope you all had a great Friday and please have an even better weekend!

See you Monday! 🙂

Giant Ibis

Today’s endangered beastie hails all the way from Cambodia. The giant ibis or Thaumatibis gigantea if we’re going to get scientific. You’ve probably seen some form of an ibis before as there are 28 extant (which means alive) species and 2 extinct species of ibis. However, you can only see the giant ibis in Cambodia or Laos where it’s pretty much endemic. They used to spread across Thailand and Vietnam as well but they are regionally extinct in those countries now.

Giant ibis habitats are around wetlands, seasonal pools, marshes and lowland forests. Although they look like they can’t fly, they actually can. They forage on the ground but nest in trees. You can recognize the giant ibis by its large, curved bill, naked grey head, orange legs and dark red eyes. They have dark bands going down the back of their necks; kind of like wrinkles and their plumage have black cross band lines over pale greyish/brown wings. Offspring look a little bit different than adults because they actually have small feathers down the back of their heads and their eyes are brown instead of dark red.img_8716x

The diet of a giant ibis is pretty insect based. They like feasting on locusts and cicadas but will occasionally dine on small crustaceans, seeds, and small reptiles and amphibians. Most of their diet is found in soft mud and is also where small pairs or groups gather. Breeding occurs during the wet season which in Cambodia is from June to September. They use the earthworms to create nesting mounds and the female will lay 2 eggs per clutch. Besides that, not much is known about breeding behaviors or lifespan of giant ibis except they are territorial and will usually stay in pairs or small congregations and that they do not migrate.

It is estimated that there are about 250 individuals left in the wild. The major threats to this species are climate change and human disturbance due to agriculture and tourism. Climate change affects them because rainy seasons are not as long which means the giant ibis endure longer periods of drought. The seasonal pools they gather around used to be naturally cared for by megafauna such as water buffalo but consistent human disturbance has caused those animals to move elsewhere. Humans also do not help this species by draining wetlands for farmland as well as collecting giant ibis eggs, disrupting their breeding efforts.

The species has been listed as Critically Endangered since 1994 making it illegal to hunt the giant ibis. In 2015, the Giant Ibis National Action Plan was established focusing on habitat restoration, land management to increase successful breeding, and more research in order to have this species thriving again by 2025. Engagement with local communities to bring about more awareness is also a big contribution to save the giant ibis. In fact, a bus tourism company took on the giant ibis as their champion calling themselves Giant Ibis Transport to bring awareness to tourists and by donating some of its funds to conservation efforts. If this post has caused you to want to help the giant ibis, you could always donate to the Wildlife Conservation Society here.

(Sources: Arkive, IUCN, Wiki)
(Pic Sources: WildlifeFriendly, AllanMichaud)

Thank you, Google.

It’s no secret that I’m a super huge, nerdy Android fan. In fact, I’m already speculating about what the next OS is going to be called. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Android, they name each OS that comes out after some type of dessert. And not only is it just any desert, it follows the alphabet. So here’s the name of the OS from C (cause the names were generic before C) to the current one, O:

  • Cupcake
  • Donut 🍩
  • Eclair
  • Froyo 🍦
  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb 🐝
  • Ice cream Sandwich
  • Jellybean
  • Kit Kat
  • Lollipop 🍭
  • Marshmallow
  • Nougat
  • Oreo
  • P? TBD

My current guesses for P are Popsicle, Pancake, Pastry, Poptart. Really rooting for Popsicle though!

Anyway, I got what’s called a subrogation investigation in the mail the other day. Big words, I know. The gist of the letter was stating that an incident occurred 2 years ago that resulted in me going to the ER and the insurance company wanted extra information. Why they waited two years for the information, I have not a clue. So I’m sitting here thinking, I can’t even remember what I had last Monday for breakfast and I’m supposed to remember something from two years ago??

I talk to the husband about it and he suggested that maybe it was when the jerk bit me real good. I told him I couldn’t remember so he suggested I go back and look through Google Photos, find the injury picture (cause I mean you can’t not take a picture of your injuries, especially the wild ones) and check the date stamp on the picture.

If you don’t utilize Google photos, I’m telling you right now, you should. Not only do you get unlimited cloud storage but it’s so easy to go searching for pictures because you can search by dates, faces, names of objects, etc. It’s fantastic! I go through my photos for the date this supposed incident occurred and sure enough:


Husband was right. The date of my incident was my cat bite. So I called the woman and talked to her about it and basically she wanted to make sure it wasn’t some feral cat at someone else’s house because there’s a special claim process you have to go through for that sort of stuff and I told her no, unfortunately it was my own that is lucky he’s still alive. She laughed and then closed the investigation.

Point of all this, besides me sharing a random life story, is Google Photos is great. Every picture I take on my phone is automatically backed up to the cloud as long as I have a WiFi or data connection. Same for videos as well. I wanted to hate this tech at first because the cloud just seemed like a scary place but I’ve lost a lot of photos and videos from years before from computers unexpectedly dying or external hard drives getting lost. There’s even a back up application that uploads photos on my computer regularly as well. It’s such convenient tech.

Do you guys utilize Google’s services even if you’re an Apple person? What is your general opinion of cloud storage? Which “P” dessert name do you think Google should go with? Let me know in the comments below!

RIP Sudan

This is unprecedented for me because I usually only talk about animals on Thursdays but I woke up to some sad news in my Google Now feed. For those of you who have followed Reactionary Tales for a while know that I started a series called Endangered Thursdays where I highlight beasties from around the world that are struggling from the threat of extinction. This subject is something I’m quite passionate about as I’ve worked for many years in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation and awareness was always number one priority.

The very first creature I highlighted way back a year ago was the Northern White Rhino. I talked a bit about Sudan and how he was the last surviving member of this species. Back then my posts were only a paragraph or two and I didn’t go into much detail like I do now. But, for those that are fairly recent to RT, feel free to check out the original post HERE.

Now, as I’d mentioned in the post, Sudan was the last surviving Northern White Rhino. I was actually right and wrong at the same time. He was the last surviving member in the wild but there are still two female northern white rhinos, Najin and Fatu, who live at a conservancy in Kenya. Sudan was the last surviving MALE member of the species. He lived in a heavily guarded open habitat for most of his life because poachers are the reason this species have declined from 2,000, in 1960, to 3.

Sudan was very popular. Not only was he very cute, but he had his own Tinder profile created to collect donations to help fund his in vitro fertilization surgery. The goal was to collect as much sperm from him as they could because socializing with Najin and Fatu in order to get them to breed naturally was unsuccessful.

Last night, Sudan was euthanized. He was 45 years old and his health had just declined to the point that veterinarians decided it was time to let the old guy go. Now there are only the 2 females of the species that exist and sadly the outlook for this species just looks even more bleak. Even though sperm was harvested from Sudan, the only way to grow another northern rhino would be through some serious scientific miracles almost. You see, between Najin and Fatu, one is sterile, so that’s not an option and the other could be artificially inseminated but it might kill her because she’s just not physically able to carry a baby rhino. Scientists are looking to see if they can essentially grow an egg in a petri dish of sorts to insert into a Southern white rhino that can carry to full term.

Overall this just made me so sad but appreciative of modern technology. I know some people don’t agree with this kind of stuff but considering humans are the main cause for this extinct in the wild creature, I appreciate any and all last ditch efforts to save these animals and I for one will continue to bring as much awareness on my blog in my tiny little corner of the internet about animals and their survival struggles.

(Source: NPR)

Generalization vs. Type

Over the weekend I got to talking with a group of my Twitter buddies. The discussion started out being about the Kindle Paperwhite and just evolved into something else. We’re all huge fans of the romance genre so we got to talking about the types of romances we like versus ones we don’t really care for. It was a pretty healthy conversation and it got me thinking real good about how I have generalizations and how I have types and I thought I’d share that today.

So when I think of a generalization, I think of a broad statement about something I may like or dislike. For example, I like berries. Now this is a simple example but let’s just say I like the overall category of everything berry.

When I think of type, I think of it as a subset of a generalization. Keeping with the berry example, I love blueberries and strawberries but I’m not a huge fan of raspberries and blackberries for example. Now I’ve broken it down to the types of berries that I prefer over the ones I don’t.

I like to think of different media forms the same way. For example, I prefer epubs over all other book formats. I don’t necessarily dislike the other formats, I’m just so used to using epub since the beginning of ebook time that that is my personal preference. However, I will make an exception and take advantage of a different book format if I can’t find it in epub and probably still enjoy the book just as much.

Going back to the romance discussion, we were talking about the different subsets of romance that we like versus ones we don’t normally gravitate towards. Most of the time I gravitate towards urban fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. Some of the other girls broke it down even further talking about how they liked alpha romances, dark romance and MM (male/male) romance. There were a bit of agrees and some disagrees, which is natural cause we all have different tastes.

However, I pointed out how you never really know what your type is until you try it. I correlated this to how there are so many authors on this planet and they all write differently so just because you think you won’t like a type a book, you can’t know until you read it. For example, I explored dark romance this year, a couple books actually, and didn’t think I would like them but surprisingly ended up loving one author’s style and only thinking the other author’s style was decent. If we’re talking Goodreads rating scale, one was a 5/5 for me and the other was 3/5. But again, that’s one book out of the bunch. Just because you think you love an author’s voice, doesn’t mean you’ll like every book they ever write either because authors themselves like to explore with their writing.

A lot of this stems from an author asking me to read their ARC, which happened to be a psychological thriller to review. I accepted. Over the course of a few weeks, the author seemed to get impatient cause I hadn’t left a review yet and kept sending me links to all the positive reviews on Amazon in order to show me how great the book is. What ticked me off however, was when the author said, “It’s okay if you don’t leave a review. The book may not be your type.”

I had to let her know, for the record, that I don’t have a type. Do I have general book preferences, yes, but I’m willing to try anything. I don’t care if it’s a book, food, movie or activity. Ever hear that phrase, “Don’t knock it til you try it?”, I stand firm by that statement. I understand authors don’t want negative reviews and will try to justify why they got one anyway they can by making it seem like it was the reader and not the book but I think that’s a wrong way to go about things. You’ll only lose a potential fan that way.

Do you have book generalizations and types? Have you ever had an encounter like the one I had above? Let me know your thoughts below!

Facebook Friday 3/16/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday!

Man did I have a busy week! I have not read a book in a little over a week sadly (not including a certain ARC). Something about Spring being possibly on the horizon that gets you up and doing all kinds of projects. Our latest one is remodeling all the floors in the downstairs of our house before the baby gets here. We’ve had so many free estimate visitations and gone to so many stores but we may have finally settled on the place to get materials and the actual contractor who will do the work. Cross your fingers!

Surprisingly, I did share a bit on social media. Actually surprised myself cause I don’t remember sharing anything until I went back and look. So let’s get the fun stuff started eh??

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

I actually shared two memes! Both of them occurred on Twitter and it’s really easy to hit that retweet button even when you’re on the go. These memes got me all nostalgic about when I’ll be able to dive good into my reading again:

Now if you’ve seen the television show “Community” you’d understand this parody chalkboard message. If you haven’t, well, Google the phrase “treat yo ‘self” and introduce yourself to hilariousness.

Here’s the second meme:

If you didn’t know, now you do! I don’t know about you all but I use a lot of these sayings so thank you Shakespeare!

Next, I shared a video on Facebook that is so adorable to me. The guy in this video is the dog’s owner but he had a long stint in the hospital and lost 50 pounds so his dog doesn’t even recognize him and is nervous because he believes he’s approaching a stranger. What happens after is just aaaaaaaaah! I love these kinds of videos. Please give it a watch. I promise you’ll smile by the end <3:

Lastly, I shared a picture of some spur of the moment guacamole I made. A friend of mine wanted to get rid of her mortar and pestle and I’ve always wanted one so we met up and she gave me the one in the picture and I got really excited and went out and bought avocados so I can whip up some quick guac. I looooove guac and literally ate this batch which was two big avocados in two days:

And that’s it! Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day which is an excuse to drink a lot for most people. If you decide to partake in green, alcoholic festivities, take a sip (or two) for me and avoid the green noodles! (Noodles should never be green. EVER!)

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday!


Role Reversal

Most mammalian, bird and fish reproduction require the female of the species to carry and birth offspring. This is also known as heterogamous where the females have bigger gametes than males, i.e. egg size versus sperm size. What if the roles were reversed? Any men reading this, I’m sorry in advanced but in the Syngnthidae family there are a couple of species where this phenomenon occurs.

Syngnthidae family is a family of fishes that are probably familiar to you. Seahorses, pipefish and leafy seadragons are the well known members. Seahorses are the only species that experience a “true male pregnancy” as the males have physical brood pouches whereas with the other species, the eggs are attached to the tail or trunk by the female and hatch from there.


Seahorses are quite an evolutionary question mark for most scientists. They range from about one inch to one foot in size, have prehensile tails that are able to grab and grip vegetation to keep them from floating away with water currents and they also have bony plates all over their body. As I said earlier, they are considered a fish even though they don’t really look like what we consider a fish to look like. They don’t have many natural predators cause a lot of sea creatures do not like the taste of them, especially the bony plates but they do have a couple of threats which I will get into in a different post. This one is about mating after all. 😉

When a male and female seahorse find the other attractive, they’ll start a mating dance which usually occurs in the predawn hours of the day. Then when things get really serious, a true courtship dance occurs that ends with the female dumping her eggs in the male’s pouch. This can be as quick as minutes or take as long as long as 8 hours. Dancing is a full time job people!seahorse courship

Up to 2,000 eggs can be deposited in the pouch. Two thousand!!!! (I can’t even…) The male seahorse then cares for them by doing things such as regulating water salinity and providing nutrients like glucose and amino acids to make strong seahorse babies. This can take anywhere between 10 to 25 days and then the real fun begins! Like human females, and really most animal species, when it’s time for baby to come, contractions are necessary to push the little one(s) out. Male seahorses actually have contractions as well! Then all 2,000 baby seahorses or “fry” are expelled all at once. After that his fatherly duties are over. Once the fry are out in the world, it’s their responsibility to hurry up and latch on to something with their tails and survive because the parents don’t help them at all. Because of this, only about 10 of the fry will survive to adulthood. It’s hard out there for baby fry. However, females are able to implant males with more eggs again as soon as the first litter is released. This process can go on all day long because they want as many fry to survive as possible and in order for that that happen, men have a job to do!

Check out the video below to see this in action. I showed it to my husband and his eyeballs went huge and he is now very grateful to be a human male instead of a seahorse male.


(Sources: Wiki, NatGeo)

New Star in the Universe

I don’t know what I really had planned to write today but probably something along the lines of pie because today is Pi Day. For those of you who don’t know, Pi is an impossible, yet genius mathematical formula that’s regarded highly across physicists and mathematicians alike. That’s pretty much the extent I know about it because I personally suck at both subjects. Here’s what it looks like:


Now today is the greatest excuse to eat pie as well. Places all over the world celebrate today with various types of pies. There’s even a Google doodle because today marks the 30th anniversary of Pi Day:

30th Anniversary of Pi Day!

However on top of all that, I woke up to the sad news that Stephen Hawking has died. It’s very sad but also kind of fitting that he would die on such a day. This Pi day will go down in history because Stephen Hawking will always be remembered. If you did not who this is, just Google the man. He was absolutely brilliant for someone who fought ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) for over 50 years. This disease did not stop his creativity nor his ingenuity in the field of physics. It’s thanks to him that we know as much about black holes as we do. He was a very encouraging individual and we’ve definitely lost a great hero. But that’s okay because all you have to do is look up to the stars as he would always say and never give up. Rest in paradise, professor.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Your Voice

I was browsing social media, as I usually do most days, and I came across this video of Oprah interviewing Trevor Noah for some show of hers or another. If you don’t know who Trevor Noah is, he’s a late night news comedian from South Africa. I personally find him quite funny but also very intelligent. So I was listening to this interview and he gushed about his mother and how she groomed him to be the man he is today. Then Oprah asked him about how he feels he wants to be portrayed to the world through sharing the news cause his whole goal is to share the news in a fun, sometimes serious (depending on the topic) way. He said something that really resonated it with me and I kind of want to break it down with my thoughts and get some of your input in return.

The first thing he said was:

Human beings no longer see human beings on the other side of discussion… and it’s tough to say that one side should be empathetic to the other side when the other side doesn’t see them as human beings either.

First off, I thought this was quite an interesting thing to say because it definitely got me thinking about the way in which I engage in discussion with other people and how I normally react depending on the topic. I can’t necessarily say that I disregard what or how another individual says or thinks because I consider myself every open minded but I can admit I feel a sense of pause when it comes to certain topics. Obviously, this is natural because we all have our strong views, morals, ethics on certain topics especially when we’re crazy passionate about them. But I wonder if I’ve ever made someone feel less than human because I was driving my passionate vision on to them.

It made me think about this author/reader/publishing debacle that’s currently trending, at least on my Twitter. I won’t name names but basically there are authors out there who participate in manipulating readers into sympathizing or empathizing with whatever is going on in their life to the point that they walk a fine line of receiving things they didn’t necessarily earn. I know that kind of sounds like a jumble but ultimately it’s kind of equivalent to a person freely transferring all the kindness and support inside of them to an individual without the expectation of reciprocity but end up being used in the end. This kind of thing makes me wonder when that individual stopped seeing you as that generous human being and into something less inferior.

The other thing he said that resonated was:

If your character shifts because of who’s in power, was it your character to begin with?

In regards to his quote he’s relating it to politics but when I heard that, the two words I froze on was “character” and “shifts”. I was thinking about this for the rest of the day and on the drive home I asked my husband, “how do you define your character?” I explained to him the context in which I heard this and he said to me that he believes people’s characters fluctuate based on perspective and experience but at an individual’s core, it usually stays the same.

I have to agree in that respect. I think character is definitely fluid. I mean the word “characteristics” is derived from the world character itself. I tried to think of it like a character in a book where usually you have a hero, villain, or anti-hero. You go into it knowing what to expect and hope that the characters stay true to themselves. If they’re introduced as douchebags, I hope they stay that way throughout or die (cause I’m evil). Do I like happily ever afters? Sure. But I don’t want all my books and movies to be that way. When it comes to real life however, my hopes are completely opposite. The character I meet in the world, I hope they stay consistent with their views towards me. I realize, again that character is fluid so we are bound to change here and there but I guess I like to surround myself with characters with open wide minds, and I don’t mean about their personal lives, because that comes with time, but just in general.

I don’t set out to change a person’s character because I disagree with something they say or how they view the world but I hope that I could plant one tiny little seed in their mind that could maybe, just maybe, if not shift their views towards the middle a bit but at least get them thinking about someone or something other than themselves. Is that wrong? Do you think that goes back to not seeing the other as a human being? It’s quite interesting how these concepts are intertwined.

Like with most subjects, I could go on and on and on about what I’m thinking but we’re coming up on 860 words and I want to know what you all think. I’ll link to the Youtube clip below were I copied pasta’d the quotes if you’re interested in watching it. Again, he relates it to politics but I thought beyond that scope. Hit me with it in the comments below!

(Source: Youtube)


Have you ever created a registry for something?

It’s not fun.

Not even a little bit.

Who willingly likes making lists?? I’m taking volunteers to make mine. Thanks.

That’s all I have for today.