Eat in or Eat Out?

Since we’ve managed to make it past Valentine’s Day I wanted to take a second to see who did what. I’ve asked plenty of my co-workers, friends, my family, and some of my customers what their plans were for the day. I obviously got a wide range of answers from “we don’t celebrate” to “I got flowers, jewelry,  and we’re going out for a fancy dinner”. My true question is this: whether you celebrated yesterday, you are today, or you plan to on any other day: eat in or eat out?

The cashier at Drug Mart definitely said “eat out”! It’s a special day for her and she didn’t want to be spending it in the kitchen or cleaning up the mess. Whether you went to Olive Garden or Morton’s, I hope you enjoyed whatever you ordered and the service you received, if you in fact opted to “eat out”.

My boyfriend and I decided to “eat in”. Let me break down my decision for you so you can see my side of things a little clearer. On the menu for our Valentine’s dinner were the following:

Veal rib chops – marinated and grilled to perfection by the master griller/my boyfriend. ($45 for two at our local fine foods grocer.)

Lobster tails – buttered and (also) grilled to mouthwatering goodness. (Let’s say we paid $5 each for these – CostCo special so who really knows.)

Broccoli florets – baked with olive oil, garlic, and onion powder to give them a nice crunchy zing to tickle your taste buds. (Free because the master griller also owns a produce company.)

Butter and garlic wild rice – it is what it sounds like, and it was delicious. ($1.50 a pack at whatever grocery you shop from.)

Pinot Noir – A smooth red from Sonoma county that took the edge off the real world. ($20 wherever you can buy some good wine.)

Chocolate covered strawberries – an entire pack of juicy red California strawberries with milk chocolate drizzle to end the night. (Free strawberries and $2.50 for the melting chocolate – pick your store.)

With that being said – if you total up the rough amount that we spent for our Valentine’s meal it’s somewhere between $75-$80. That’s on the high side because we usually buy things on sale. If you were to order that exact meal at a fine restaurant you’re easily looking to spend $200 after tip.

So, what’s my ultimate suggestion for your Valentine’s dinner for next year, your mom’s birthday, your fiancées big accomplishment…? Learn to freakin’ cook! Get some garlic, good olive oil, onion powder, a nice red wine and some balsamic vinegar and go to town! Save some money, look through some blogs for good recipes, and get down to impressing the people you care about the most!


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