Shop Small to Avoid Recalls

Most pet owners have heard of or have probably even used products made by the pet food company Blue Buffalo. It has catchy advertisements and commercials on a variety of TV stations to capture the wandering eye. They also provide lots of coupons and incentives for the average consumer who is looking to save a buck. I work in the pet industry and am around many wonderful products each day. I’ll be very honest, this is not among my top recommended brands for owners to feed their pets. A huge red flag is the recall that was “voluntarily” issued on the 13th of February by Blue Buffalo.

The recall states that there “may” be aluminum metal contamination in one of their lines of dog food cans. This is not the first, second, or even third recall that this company has issued over the past several years. While it may seem simple enough to detect and fix these problems it should also be simple enough to prevent them. If you haven’t done much research or even heard of this recall check out Dog Food Advisor for some helpful info on this specific issue.

To avoid this sort of issue from happening to you and your pets why not stop in to your local natural pet food store? Maybe do a little of your own research of your own? Have you ever thought of cooking for your pets? Or feeding raw or freeze dried foods for optimal nutrition? This is something I am wildly passionate about and would love to help each and every person with!

Instead of going for the brand you always see and hear about by not try something that’s new to you and exciting to holistic pet experts? Brands like Orijen and Nature’s Logic are some amazing alternatives to Blue Buffalo. These smaller companies typically only sell to small independent pet retailers – so you know they stand by their products and quality control. Not only do these brands help solve a lot of health concerns for pets they don’t have any recent recalls. They are brands that I personally feed to my pets and I show to many of my customers.

Do what’s right for your pet and what you believe in. Do your own research and question the big box stores. If you would be tired of eating chicken every day…don’t you think your pet might be,
too? Higher quality means higher performance and less waste. Let’s get on the bandwagon and do what’s best for our furbabies! They’re part of the family too!


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