Appreciate The Practice

Do you yogi?

As I sit on my mat in my living room I wonder just how many people regularly practice yoga. At first I thought it was silly and didn’t help athletes past a flexibility standpoint. The older I get the more I appreciate the practice and the parts I struggle with. I’ve been sick for the past week or so and I haven’t felt much like running or lifting. So, I’ve really focused on my practice.

What’s your excuse? No money? No time? No energy? No gym membership? Embarrassed? …do it at home. That’s what I do! I’ve done yoga in studios, I’ve taken barre classes, I’ve gone to spinning, kick boxing, rowing, and cross fit. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have time to drive to a gym before or after work. Instead, I go in my basement, on my back patio, or in my living room and get to work.

I find that yoga helps to center me. I believe in natural healing and treating and I think this practice plays a large part in that. It helps to clear my mind, lengthen and strengthen my muscles, maintain my balance and the integrity of my core. This is part of my “me time”. It makes me feel better about myself physically, mentally, and helps to kickstart my day and productivity.

There are plenty of amazing instructors right on YouTube who can help you begin or enhance your practice (and your mood)! A few of my favorites areYoga With Adriene Boho Beautiful, and XHIT Daily. There are a wide array of styles and practices to choose from that concentrate on your needs. Why not select one that looks fun to you and try it out today?!

If none of those workouts appeal to you please check out our Pinterest page where you can find lots of other cool workouts, decorating ideas, and more!


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