Newbie Success!

For anyone who has visited this blog in the past few weeks, I AM SO SORRY! I’ve changed the theme around a million times and every time I thought I settled on one, something tiny would stand out at me and I wouldn’t like the whole theme anymore. Then when I finally found a theme I liked, I couldn’t figure out how to manipulate it to my specifications. I finally confessed to myself that I was more of a beginner than I wanted to admit.

In lieu of this, I proceeded to search for the simplest themes possible. I found quite a few but still had trouble executing them. For whatever reason I just did not know how to make a drop down menu, or add widgets the right way or text alignment, shortcodes, none of it! You think it’s easy, it’s not! Then I started to download random widgets hoping a combination of all of them would give me what I wanted.

Finally, (thank you YouTube gods!), I stumbled upon a video that gave the most perfect step by step instructions on how to create a WordPress blog from scratch. So I went back into my dashboard and deleted all themes, except the one featured in the video, and deactivated almost all of the plugins so that I could start from the beginning. The video was two and a half, gloriously long, hours and now because I followed that video step by step, I have created something that I’m proud of AND got a HUGE lesson in WordPress. I’m sure there is more in the WordPress great beyond but I am very proud of what took me half the day to accomplish and I promise I am done changing anything for a very long time!

If you are swimming in my canoe, or have in the past, I HIGHLY recommend you visit WPSculptor or follow Josh Jackson on his YouTube channel. He explains everything in the easiest way possible and his video guides are truly a godsend.


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