The Strength of Friendship

I’ve had an idea for a post on my mind all day long. I couldn’t quite figure out where to start to write it. I came across the Daily Prompts page and decided today’s word would actually work out in what I’m trying to get across. Last night I was invited to tag along with a group of friends for dinner. We had a great time; talking and laughing and sharing stories. When I got home later in the evening, I had a moment of reflection. I thought to myself how lucky I am to have these friends; how much fun they bring to my life. Do you ever just sit down and think about everyone you interact with each day and how much they actually mean to you? Who your real friends are and really, what is the definition of a real friend?

Each of of us have different definitions. For me, I would define a real friend to be someone who likes you the way you are. I don’t mean looks wise, I mean personality wise. Someone who always has your back in any situation. If your name were to come up in a negative light while you were not around, your friend would be the first one to call someone out. Someone who keeps your secrets and honestly, knows that sometimes it’s necessary to break those secrets. Someone who laughs with you, cries with you and will be blatantly honest with you when they think you’re being an idiot and then laugh about that too later. This is where you realize that at the center of everything there is always that one person or couple of people that just fit your always evolving definition of a real, true friend.

Now, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people are really, really good at making friends. I envy those people. For the rest of us, we make friends, hope we’ll become close to them, and then hold on to them as long as possible because the process of finding a new friend is hard. Most of us meet our closest friends in the workplace. These are people we see five out of seven days a week or more. I’ve been told not to make friends at work before but how can you not? My co-author and I met through work and throughout transfers, workplace drama and almost anything else you can think of, our friendship has survived. I think the root of a lasting friendship is to want to have a lasting friendship. Sounds super simple but as adults, we have to work a little bit harder to keep something we want to survive.


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