Pet UT Health

If you’re like me, or any other caring pet parent, you’re pretty in tune with what’s going on with your pet’s body. Sometimes we have issues that sneak up on us that we aren’t prepared for. The most frequent complaint I get from pet parents is in regard to urinary tract health. Whether it’s your 2 year old Great Dane or your 18 year old Birman, this is a super important subject.

Obviously, my best advice is to prevent any issues rather than treat them, but sometimes that isn’t very easy. Don’t fret – I’ll cover both pretty succinctly.

Prevention: ensure that your pet drinks a ton of water. Most cats and dogs aren’t properly hydrated (just like us)! There are many ways to sneak extra water or moisture into their systems. …you can supplement with high quality canned foods, freeze dried foods (rehydrated, of course), and even raw foods to make sure your pets are adequately hydrated.

Treatment: ironically enough, the treatment for urinary crystals and renal problems look super similar to the prevention of them. There are a few extra key tips, however:

  • Low protein isn’t always the answer (especially for our feline friends who are obligate carnivores). Look for high quality cuts of meat and foods that have zero rendered meats. (So, no meat meals – this is a concentrate mixed with bone that has been striped of moisture prior to processing.) Some of my favorite formulas come from a Canadian company called Petcurean. They make awesome kibble options for both dogs and cats. (These are especially low in Phosphorus.)
  • Veterinary formulas aren’t always top notch. Do a little research and compare the ingredient panel and the sourcing of the foods your vets are prescribing. If you do like the idea of a veterinary prescribed food check out Dave’s. This brand does provide a “kidney specific” diet with lower protein in a canned option for both dogs and cats.
  • Raw Goat’s Milk. It’s jam packed with moisture (because it’s a liquid) and it has all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to properly break down and process proteins.

Typically, those are my answers…and usually they get great results. I believe in holistic feeding and treating and these methods are proven to work. Would you rather spend a little extra money on food and supplements that will provide your pet with a longer healthier life? OR would you prefer to rush to the nearest Vet’s office for blood draws and prescription food every other week?

Choose wisely. 🙂


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