I’m not a writer, I’m a reader: Day 7

Let’s talk about Twitter.

My inspiration for today is supposed to come from specific Twitter posts. I’ll get to that eventually but first I want to talk about how I got into Twitter.

Back in the day, MySpace was the social media option of choice. I had MySpace. I didn’t use it very often because back in those days everyone was all about chat rooms (remember AIM?!). MySpace was this awesome piece of the internet that you could make as creative as you wanted. If you wanted a glitter page there was a theme for that. If you wanted the site to change every time you refreshed, there was a theme for that too. You could even set your favorite song to play when someone visited your site! It was kind of a blog, but not really. Everybody had these super long profile biographies that went into detail about every little thing in their life. So if you were perusing to try a pick up someone, chances are their MySpace profile told you everything you needed to know. From what I remember, there wasn’t really a type of news feed or status update type of system to see other people’s stuff. You had to physically go view(creep) and individual’s page every time.

Then around my college years, Facebook came along. If I remember correctly, you had to have an invitation to join Facebook first. At first I wasn’t interested. I was content with my Myspace and it worked well enough. But then I kept hearing about how “sophisticated” and “clean” Facebook was in comparison to MySpace. Naturally, as time went on, and all my friends migrated to Facebook, so did I. I remember Facebook being a basic platform that didn’t have ads or sponsored pages and you just talked and shared with friends and family. As popularity of the platform grew, so did everything else; friends of friends, ads, messenger, etc. I still use Facebook today, mostly for family but unfortunately its a lot of browsing through the bullshit and reading everyone’s political opinions but not commenting because they’re your friends.

Enter Twitter! Oh Twitter. Just as before, I didn’t want to get into another social platform. I thought Twitter was dumb because I didn’t understand hashtags and 140 characters was not enough to say anything. My husband took the plunge first and then told me I had to join because Twitter was the best. I started to notice that a lot of my favorites tweeted a lot more than they shared statuses on Facebook. I even realized that half the things that appeared on Twitter, didn’t appear on Facebook at all so I ended up missing out great information; and by great information I mean book giveaways and live Q&As. So I took the plunge.

I now have two Twitter accounts. My personal one and the one for this blog. I absolutely love Twitter. I follow my favorite authors and a couple of them actually follow me back! I don’t have to wade through garbage to see good content. As you can see from the pictures, I follow a variety of different things that interest me. Its nice because I don’t have to worry about the negativity which is the main reason why I’ve been staying away from Facebook. I see what I want to see. Things that make me happy or encourage me to explore more. I don’t have to see the videos of angry people who are pissed about one thing or another and vandalizing properties. I don’t have to see the thousands of people dying from whatever label society has put on them to deem them dangerous. I don’t have to see the arrogance of the people who feel their opinions are superior to all. On Twitter, I just don’t get all of that. I get to see what my authors are up to, what’s going to be released on Netflix (s?) from US to Ireland and whats new in the Android world. I get to see releases for books, music, movies and TV shows. I get to see reviews from some of the best eateries and exotic locations of the world I want to add to my bucket list! Majority of my followers on Twitter aren’t people I’m related to and it’s glorious!

I don’t actually have an inspired Twitter post to start writing from and none of the ones in the email really got me thinking about writing. However, the simple act of talking about Twitter seemed to do the trick don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “I’m not a writer, I’m a reader: Day 7

  1. Ugh I’ve never had a twitter account and don’t know if I even have time for one. Maybe someday. This post has inspired me to… consider it.


    1. I know exactly how you feel because that’s how I felt. It takes some getting use to but it’s definitely preferred form of social media lately


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