Chemical drugs are not and have not ever really been a part of my life. (Thankfully.) At one point we found out that my brother was smoking marijuana, and that was enough to send the entire family into orbit. Although I disagree with using marijuana, at least it is plant based. I’ve argued time and time again that is the the “starter drug” or the beginning of something more. That’s the bridge between cigarettes and anything “harder”.

Recently, my friend who was thinking of divorce, found out that the girl her husband was “talking to” overdosed. Whether it was because of him or something bigger, it still happened. She was taking prescription pills. I’ll be the first to say that I have an extra bottle of similar pain killers in my home. (I’ve had three knees surgeries and a few skin cancer surgeries.) However, I do not take these recreationally, and they’re locked in a safe.  That was the first time that something like this hit me as being “in my backyard”.

From my small hometown, to big cities, and everything in between drug use is an epidemic. I just wonder why…?! What’s the point? It’s dangerous and expensive. I can’t see how or why people would put such harmful things into their bodies on purpose. Half of the time the more exclusive or “expensive” drugs are cut with other products to make them more affordable. How insane is that?

Last night, while eating dinner, I was on the phone with a co-worker about a work related problem, and my boyfriend was watching a video on Facebook. A girl living about 30 minutes from us took a video and shared it to her Facebook – and it spread life wildfire. In a matter of hours the video had thousands of views and comments. After finishing my call I also watched…and I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life.

We’ve all seen the show Cops or other pictures on the news of someone who has overdosed. I’ve never actually witnessed someone during the stages of an overdose taking affect. In the video, an older gentleman was stopped at a red light, and never moved again. A girl walking down the street thought it was odd and went to go check on him. At first his head was rolled back and his eyes were open. He was breathing but was not responsive. Throughout the three minute video she shook him, screamed to get his attention (obviously called 911), and eventually held him upright as he fell. His eyes eventually rolled back in his head and he was completely out. His skin was grayish and his eyes were huge with dark circles under them. I’d never seen someone look that way.

The more I watched the more I realized that this woman could very well be the last person to see this man before his death. Bless her for being a good citizen and her doing her part, regardless of the outcome. Various times through the video she screamed that he had “track marks” but she couldn’t find needles in the van. Many drugs are suppressants and work to slow your heart and body down. This man probably did the drugs before leaving and then they just began to set in during his drive. Lots of comments flooded the video as people watched. They ranged from blessings for he and his family to curses because of his stupidity.

While I do feel badly for him and his struggle with this issue – the fact still remains: he could have and likely would have killed himself and/or someone else had this happened while he was in motion. What is the probability that he will get clean if he survives? What is the probability that he is paying for his medical attention and then the counseling he will receive? …the sad reality is, I’m betting that it’s us who pay from beginning to end. The hardworking people who get up early rushing off to work…and those same people staying up late with their children working on school projects.

I couldn’t eat after watching the video because of the sadness of his situation, the problems he has caused himself, and the potential harm he could have done to others. People assume that when they make decisions to do drugs or drink excessively that they are only impacting themselves. That couldn’t be any further from the truth.


3 thoughts on “Overdose

  1. Sad indeed. We recently watched the movie “A street cat named Bob.” A very good movie and a glimpse into what the drug struggle is about.


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