Have you ever looked up the synonyms of a word before? There are so many different ways to convey the one meaning using a variety of words.

Today’s daily prompt word is: unravel.

I must admit before I even googled synonyms my first thought was orgasm. I’m sorry but that is the most positive way to unwind which is synonymous to unravel. But then you have the negative connotations such as when you feel your world is falling apart or you’re failing or you’re picking at that loose strand on your shirt and you ruin it because the whole thing unwinds into nothingness so now you have to buy a new shirt. Or me picking at this hangnail even though I know it’s going to unravel into an ugly, bloody mess. Even still you have the investigative meaning; I’m trying to figure out what show I should binge watch next. Too many choices Netflix!

One of the synonyms is twisted or knotted. Then you have the antonym listed as braid or plait. I feel like those are still synonyms and not antonyms. Isn’t a braid a smooth knot?

You can be knotted, failing and puzzled only to turn around and be ironed out, resolved and illuminated all in the same word.

The English language is so complicated.


8 thoughts on “Synonymous

    1. Yes! That was one of the places I looked for a definition which subsequently led to the English language being complicated comment. I feel for anyone who tries to learn it as a second language!


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