Poem #1

To follow up yesterday’s post, here is the first poem I came across in that old email. Remember, this poem came from 16 or 17 year old Chanel back when I took poetry writing in school; one of many fundamental writing courses I took. But here I am, sharing all those poems that I didn’t think existed anymore until I logged into an old email that surprisingly still exists. I’ll share some of the notes I took on my thought processes if they’re there but if not I’ll probably make up my own narrative.

According to my notes this poem has no title and I made it based off a random word bank the teacher gave us that required us to use some of the words to create something and this is what I came up with:


Your voice radiates marble words
to my softly spoken ones
Me in my whiteflowing gossamer gown
you in your dark black suit
We are standing facing each other
in a room of silver
spinning in our delicious garden of passion
Living the kiss of emerald
in the wide, wide embrace
again and again
now and forever
until the moment disintegrates
and blackness engulfs us together.

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