Poem #2

Following yesterday’s post, here’s the next poem in my series of poems I wrote 10 years ago. I mentioned in my Nostalgia post that along with poetry writing I took a Shakespeare class and besides reading all of Shakespeare’s works, the teacher had us writing sonnets and tales of our own. I was no Chaucer by any means but here’s my version of a Canterbury tale. It’s kind of long but hopefully by the end it will make you chuckle like I did:


Think back to a time when all was fair

A benevolent ruler had a tale to share

How to classify a ruler such as he

By listening to his best stories

His most prized winning tale was of a witch

Her utmost desire was to make a switch

To see what it was like to live as ruler

And show her comrades she was cooler

For none other witch had tried what she’s done

All had pondered the glorious fun

Many had wondered what if she did wrong

“Don’t worry”, she said, I’ll bounce back strong

For her first task she made door-to-door trips

To the poor and needy to pass out ships

For the little boys who felt they were doomed

The witch made them into young men well groomed

And for the little girls she would teach them

Proper etiquette and let them wear gems

The women with babies in carriages

Got love spells to fix their marriages

And once these men were under their love spells

They went around building wishing wells

The idea was foolproof up until

The wealthy got greedy and started to steal

Thus the witch decided it was time to quit

The stress was creating warts and zits

She told the ruler he can have his job back

But let her name be remembered on a plaque

The ruler agreed to this interesting truce

And sent the witch home to make pumpkin juice

So now you know the tale of the witch

and why she’s known for her incredible switch.


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