Writing just to Write

My life is insanity.

This past weekend was the busiest, weekend I’ve had in a really long time. My best friend came up to visit for an early birthday bonanza which basically means book sales. We are super avid readers. Well I’m obsessed with reading and I make her read everything I read because I need someone to talk about my books with, haha.

Anyway, a while back I found this website that tells us when and where book sales are occurring in libraries. If you’ve never been to a library sale, go! It’s the most wonderful experience to see books that should be 8+ dollars for $.25-$1. We hit up 3 sales on Saturday and scored huge. In total we ended up buying 82 books for $35. The second sale was the kicker because it was bag day which means you can fill a brown bag with as many books as you can possibly pack in there and pay $5 for the whole bundle. Incredible.

Now its back to the work grind and blog grind. At this moment in time they both make me want to yawn. You ever have just feel brain exhaustion? It’s not like I’m completely tired, I mean I got at least 5 and a half hours of sleep last night, but I feel like my brain just can’t think properly this morning. I think I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with what’s going on in my life currently.

About 2 weeks back I took a leap and responded to one of my favorite authors expressing my interests of being on her review team. I didn’t think I would get a position considering I leave book ratings but not many detailed reviews (thought I’ve gotten a lot better at that since the beginning of this year) and surprise, surprise, I made it on the team. Then, following close behind her first book, I got a short story from one of her beta readers who is writing in her Kindle Worlds to review one of her books and then the author sent me the second book and another indie author asked me to review one of their books! I didn’t expect this at all and I’m so behind! I can usually read a book in a day or two; 4 days max for an average 300 page book.

I’m still trying to finish her second book and she sent it over a week ago. I am literally wondering where all my time is going! Not only that, I’ve decided to quit my online job I’ve had for 4 years because I just can’t keep up with the minimum tasks I’m supposed to do every month on top of reading and now preparing for a trade show I have to go to tomorrow, for work, in Milwaukee.

I wish I had two brains. One could be dedicated to work, house crap and associated other adult things I’m unfortunately required to do. The other brain can be responsible for reading, writing and friend/husband adventures. When the necessary brain is required I can just unzip my skull and put in the brain that’s required for that moment in time. How I would walk around juggling two brains in regular society is semantics.

That’s all I have for today. I guess you can call this an update post because I spent the better part of and hour and 15 minutes trying to catch up on all of my fellow bloggers posts that I missed in the last 4 days. Hopefully life mellows out soon so I can go back to my binge reading, blogging everyday ways. If you’ve been keeping up with the poetry series, I do plan on finishing that out with the last 3 or so poems I had left over. Hope my brain wakes up soon so I can be an actual productive member of society..

How do you cope with your exhaustion days? Ever feel like you have to write something even if its nonsense? Are you like me and wish you had more than one brain? I’d love to know what you think in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Writing just to Write

  1. Oh my word!! So many books! A library sale would be a terrible idea for someone with a brain like mine! I need just a few books at a time, so the excitement gets me reading. If I got 80 books in one go, I would buy a new book shelf and just pack them away. I love bookshelves, so looking at them would make me feel soooo nice inside 😀


    1. I found the appropriate meme on Facebook after the sale that says “One does not cease buying books simply because they run out of bookshelf space.” I have Beauty and the Beast dream goals to my husband’s dismay 😀


      1. Just perfect!! I want a whole wall of books in my house, I need a reading husband 😀
        LOL I am with him there, with the dismay! I mean, what are you, 5?? But then again, I still have my crush on Spiderman, who am I to judge??


        1. I need a reading husband too, bahaha. He reads manga. Does that count? I want the library look! Besides, we’ve upgraded from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house so I feel entitled to at least one room dedicated to books! and the stair shelves…. but that’s it! Spiderman?? which one?? Or suited up Spiderman in general? hahahaha


  2. Congratulations!

    I too hate adult crap.

    “All of these businesses suck. I would rather live on a desert island somewhere with a large inheritance than work at any of these places!” – Michael Scott

    I didn’t know library sales were a thing. The used book stories in my city are still quite expensive, I’d love to find books for a few bucks.


        1. The site has a couple based on your province! Looks like a few in BC, quite a few in ON, couple in Quebec; not sure what part of Canada you live in but it could be worth perusing 🙂


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