Poem #5

It’s a gloomy and gray day today. Perfect weather for this next poem that’s a little eerie if I do say so myself! Today’s poem type is a sestina. Here is the complicated google definition:

a poem with six stanzas of six lines and a final triplet, all stanzas having the same six words at the line-ends in six different sequences that follow a fixed pattern, and with all six words appearing in the closing three-line envoi.

I wish I could explain this in regular English but I looked up envoi and that led me to ballade which led me to another poetry word and I can’t. SO, here’s the poem. I called this one Predator:

Say goodbye to day and welcome night
When many creatures come alive under the moon
to hunt for prey
and quench their thirst for blood;
that takes away the hunger.

How many predators satisfy their hunger?
On many a cold night
when a scarce amount of blood
is available under no moon;
and it is hard to find prey
in total darkness.

They creep into that darkness
with bellies growling with hunger
and capture unsuspecting prey
under an invisible moon
following the lure of blood.

Finally tasting the warm, sweet blood
that tastes much sweeter in darkness,
under a sky with no moon
while predators squelch their hunger,
mindless of the cold night
only thinking of their prey.

What of the prey?
Who sit and lose all their blood
on a frigid night
in total darkness;
never to feel the pangs of hunger
again under any moon.

Under a sky with no moon
dead carcasses of prey
disintegrate along with predator hunger;
pools of blood
can be seen as black puddles in the darkness
freezing into the land of the night.

Whether or not there is a moon, the race for blood begins.
Prey scurry deeper into darkness
away from predator hunger in the shadows of the night.


13 thoughts on “Poem #5

    1. Thank you!
      I don’t think so. Once you really understand the poem type (and see a few examples) it’s all about playing off the main word or two. In this case it was predator and prey and how they interact.


        1. The cool thing about poetry is it’s mostly about flow. If it flows well even without a concrete direction, it can still be a beautiful piece 🙂 Thank you for visiting!


        1. Haha, yeah I can’t decide if I want to put the categories menu there or not yet. Maybe I’ll add a tag cloud but we have quite a few tags so it can be overwhelming


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