To piggyback on yesterday’s post, ever wonder what it would feel like to truly fly? When you think of flying, you first imagine birds; from as small as hummingbirds to as large as eagles. Then you imagine mechanical flight like airplanes, gliders, and spaceships. You may even imagine angels; humans with wings.

Flying in an airplane is so surreal. I’ve been on many flights throughout the years and it’s still an exhilarating experience. In anticipation of flying, I find myself staring at the clouds. You see these light, fluffy puffs of air and think how easy it would be to slice through one. Then you ride in an airplane, soar a cloud, and realize they are not as light as they seem. The journey can be quite rough especially if it’s cloudy. But when your heart is pounding in tune with the plane as you’re getting higher and higher and you pierce through that dense layer to the world above, it takes your breath away. People always say clouds look like cotton blankets in the air; blankets you want to just bounce on or sink into their soft, cuddly layers. Could you imagine if it was possible to lay on a cloud for just a moment? Would it be as soft as it looks? I imagine maybe fog is what a cloud feels like on the ground but I wonder if it’s the same in the air.

Cleveland at the edge of Lake Erie

When flying in any direction, it always looks like you’re riding the edge of the Earth. Logically you know it’s a continuous journey but there’s always that sense of going to that edge and seeing what’s on the other side; falling into a new place and time.

Flying in the daylight is great. The sun is always so beautiful but flying at night opens up a different scenario. You’re staring down at land, maybe an area you are familiar with, distinguishing the dark spots among the light. There’s a lake, and there is maybe forest or farm land, possibly mountains. It turns into a sort of game of guessing the geometrical shapes. I like to think of what could be moving in the bodies of water. If only I could have X-ray vision, just for a moment to see below the surface in the dark; the life thriving in the lakes and oceans as these creatures go about their nightly routines.

Do you like to fly? What do you think about when flying?



13 thoughts on “Fly

  1. As cool as flight would be (superman stlye), I’d imagine all the clothing that would need to be worn would be quite cumbersome. You know how cold it is up there, let alone travelling at speed? Woo

    For airplane flight, it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the time it takes, connecting flights, lay overs, all that airport related jazz. For international flights I get quite fidgety. You have 4 movies and you’re still only half way there…


    1. You’re right. It is quite exhausting too. I always say I’m going to sleep through a flight but I can’t resist looking out the window every 5 minutes hoping to catch a different scenery from time to time. If we had our own wings, cold wouldn’t matter. We’d have our primary feather lining and our downy coats to keep us warm (at least that’s how I imagine it would play out, haha)


      1. I got home last night from my 30 odd hours of travel, and fell asleep in seconds. I cant sleep when travelling so I was pooped. I may go back to bed after I run some errands this morning. Damn time change.


        1. Same. I didn’t travel 30 hours but it felt like it after the airline shenanigans both ways. I was out by the time my head hit the pillow because I went from an hour behind to an hour ahead. Now I’m at work all droopy because I did not get enough zz’s


  2. Your writing style is so energetic! Love it 🙂 but yeah I think flying could be cold sometimes. And maybe we’d have trouble breathing but then again – this sort of freedom is worth it!


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