We’ve all got them.

If you could make a list of everything you need to accomplish in a day in order to feel good what would be on it? Drinking enough water, making your bed, running…? I go through my days with a mental list of what I absolutely have to get done in order to…what…keep everyone happy? Keep myself happy? Keep my dogs happy? Keep my boss happy?

My list looks a little something like this:

  • walk dogs
  • work out
  • make sure my store hasn’t burnt down
  • maybe make my bed
  • shower (obviously)
  • talk to my mom/grandma
  • check in on my friends
  • figure out dinner
  • take a probiotic
  • feed my animals
  • make sure the kitchen isn’t a train wreck
  • read

It isn’t always in that order. Today I took the dogs to the park, worked out, cleaned my car (inside and out) and pulled some weeds. I caught up on Scandal and was able to read a little. …then I sat down to write.

Do successful people keep a list? An ongoing tally of what they need to do and want to do each day? Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but I always feel better about myself when I can check things off my list. I have a list at work, I have a list at home, I even give my boyfriend a list, and often times my mom. It keeps me accountable…and so do my friends.

When the rest of my world is crazy I know I can turn to my list and start checking things off. When I can look down and see progress I feel more in control. Sometimes my list is full of things for other people and sometimes it’s for myself. Either way it gives me something to account for my time and efforts.

What’s on your daily list that helps you feel accomplished? Maybe you’ve got some things we should start adding to our lists.. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I love lists… even blogged about them a few weeks ago on the 365 challenge. A friend sent me a site all about lists. It’s updated regularly and fun to follow. Ah, priorities… I think you should add one for something along the lines of “plans for the future.” Whether you’re thinking about it or doing something towards it, having a goal on a list of priorities each day makes it front and center. It can be 1 minute or 1 hour… but important! Great post today.


    1. I definitely agree! I think I focus too much on fitness as my “future” goal. I need to work something tangible into my everyday routine that can help me to get where I want to be. Thank you for your suggestion! ๐Ÿ˜œ


  2. I hear people do that and I think it helps us stay organized! I’m doing a similar experiment at the moment and so far it’s been very positive. I found that I have more time for the things I want to do this way.


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