What’s in Your Name?

Have you ever thought about why your parents named you what they named you? Have you ever asked?

Most people are named after a family relative, you know to be a Jr. or grandma’s first name is your middle name. It’s a way to remember them by or perhaps your parents felt your ancestors were honorable so they wanted you to share that honor because you looked like a future, successful, honorable baby!

I don’t know what I’m saying. For the record, I do not have children (yet).

I asked my mother where my name came from. If you’ve been following this blog, you probably know by now that my full name is Chanel. So, why Chanel? Even my middle name is uncommon. Not that I want to be common but most middle names are Marie, Elizabeth, Ann; you know normal.

So I asked her one time. She said she thought about naming me Victoria. I do NOT look like a Victoria. I started thinking of all the nicknames; Vickie, Tory, Vicks (as in vaporub??) Definitely not a Victoria. I guess I’m grateful she didn’t named me after Game of Thrones characters like most people do nowadays (Not that Khaleessi (Daenarys) isn’t a badass name. Hell, even Cercie is a ruthless name!) I get distracted easily. Can you tell?

Anyway, my mother told me the reason my name came about is because when she was pregnant with me, Chanel No. 5 was the only perfume she could wear that would not make her vomit (cause you know I was doing a good job inducing that).

Nowadays its fun to tell that story and listen to people screw my name up. I have an imaginary T (Chantel), rhymed names (Janel, Michelle, Sherrell) and the closest word (channel) when people do not know how to pronounce it. I roll with them all, believe it or not, because usually people are being so nice that I don’t have the heart to tell them they’re butchering my name!

Do you have a name that has a unique story behind it? How about a name that people always mess up when they say it?  You don’t have to share your name if you don’t want to but feel free to share your story in the comments below! 🙂


10 thoughts on “What’s in Your Name?

  1. Whether you intended it or not, this was a hilarious post. I’m new to your blog this week, so I didn’t know that was your name. But I like it. Do you what Scream Queens? They are called “Chanel” on that show. I do love the name Victoria, too.

    Mine is easy… James… I’m the 4th in a row, named after my father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Traditional. Boring. Respectful. It’s got up and down sides to it. But I went with Jay as my nickname, which is not a normal one for James.

    Nice post!


    1. Hilarity is always welcomed on this blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing your name story. I’m glad you went with Jay because a lot of James usually go with Jim or vice versa. I’ll have to check out that show!


        1. Hahaha I’ll check out the show and get back to you on that 😉 I’d like to think I’m a little less dramatic version of Olivia Pope or a Lagertha Lothbrok if I could emulate a Viking!


  2. I find Chanel very original and special! My name (Monika) was the second choice apparently, my mother preferred Agnieszka but it was the name of my father’s first love so she dropped this idea 😃


  3. Hahahaha wow, and they butcher it!! 😀 … I am having difficulty understanding how people butcher your name when you were named after one of the most popular fragrances hehe
    My culture believes in giving children meaningful names because they tend to live out the meaning. My name is Nokuphila (No-ku-pee-la) so I go by Peela its easier. It means abundant life. I was named by my maternal grandfather. He was treated in a hospital in South Africa, called Nokuphila, when he had spine issues in the 1940s.


  4. Your name is beautiful! I’m not sure how people butcher my name either but it’s funny to watch the lightbulb moment, after I’ve repeated myself a a few times, where they’re like “Chanel? Like the perfume??”


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