Bird’s Nest

Today’s prompt word is yarn. At first I thought, how am I going to write about yarn? When you think of yarn you think of someone knitting or crocheting. People use yarn in all types of ways to make blankets and scarves and cozy socks. You may have even seen some decorate their hair using yarn. 

I thought of all those things too. But since I don’t knit or crochet, I thought of something that naturally looks like a ball of yarn; a bird’s nest!

Now that spring is here, that means baby bird season. If you go out into your yard, you’ve probably seen a couple already. I personally have seen a lot of blue jays in my yard lately and I’m pretty sure they’re starting to build nests on a couple of my higher up window ledges (my cats love pointing out the bird butt activity through the window). 

The “yarn” that birds use is made of twigs, feathers, blades of grass and mud. And they, creatively, weave these things together to create their future baby bird homes. It’s quite a skill for an animal with no opposable thumbs right?! These are their warm blankets and cozy socks! 

Back in my wildlife rehabilitation days, I got to see an eagle’s nest. That was the biggest ball of natural yarn I’ve ever seen and I could only marvel at the ingeunity it took to create it especially since their scale of twigs is quite higher than my blue jays.

From eagles to beavers and everywhere in between you have to admit, nests are architecturely awesome balls of yarn. 😁


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