Love Controls Me

If you look at the spokes of a tire or the hands of a clock you see the central mechanism and what it’s pointing to. The center controls the movement. Looking at your own life, you probably have many things that you work toward or care about. Each of those items can be listed as a spoke on your own wheel or a number on your clock.

When you begin to reflect on each of those items, what do they look like? What do you have listed? Mine are probably family, friends, work, my animals, my boyfriend, my home, my religion, fitness, overall health, travel, books…etc. Those are clearly all things that I care about, not necessarily in that order. I think the center of my world revolves around love. Love controls my actions, emotions, needs, and wants.

I love my family and my friends, my boyfriend, and my job (most of the time), I love to read and explore new places. Strip away all the things that you work for and all the things that are important to you. Now, what would you have left?  Is it a noble cause? …like family or faith?  Or is it something a little more deep rooted? …like wealth? …or like pride?

We all want to be our own master. Typically, however, something is the master of us. You just need to figure out what that is to really Control  it.


9 thoughts on “Love Controls Me

  1. Good one. I like how you applied this challenge on your own blog.

    Love controlled me for a while. It probably still does, but I think I’ve moved towards “balance” the last few years. I want a little bit of everything and in the most positive and impacting way.


  2. This is so beautiful and well written. Do you think that love is the master of us? (Or maybe you specifically). I ask because that concept scares me a little. Love can be so fleeting sometimes!


    1. At this point in time, it definitely is my master. More than anything in my life lies love and the passion for it. The thought is scary because once we find what triggers us it can just as easily unravel us. Thanks for your comment!


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