Ever wish you could control time?

Just for an hour?

Slow it down for just a few precious minutes?

Lately I’ve been feeling like time is flying. You blink and it’s the next day and you’re wondering, where did my day go? I confess a lot of my day gets drained because I’m holed up in a book somewhere but I haven’t even been able to read most days and I’m wondering where are all my minutes going?

I just want to slow time down, just for a moment, so I can accomplish a few goals. Logically I know I wouldn’t be able to make that happen in an hour unless it was a very, very slow hour but give me a moment to try and learn a new skill I’ve been trying to start for months. I recently dropped my online job because I didn’t have enough time to work it. It was a gig that was completely flexible; I had complete control over when and how much I wanted to work. However, it was only supplementary income to my physical job. Having two jobs is really difficult. I mean its necessary at any given moment because you have responsibilities but it definitely takes it’s toll. Unfortunately, I’m having second thoughts where I’m wondering if that was a good decision because it was a sort of security; something I can rely on if I were ever to be out of a physical job. It’s really hard to not question a decision once it has been made even though it felt like the right decision in that moment.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. I don’t want to completely stop time. I don’t even want to rewind time. I’m not trying to avoid aging and I have no desire to be immortal but it would just be nice if on those days, when it’s overwhelming and the day is just cycling by way too fast, I had the ability to push pause. Those precious minutes could give me time to focus but they could also be a moment to steal some seconds doing what I actually want to be doing in the chaos that is my world.


15 thoughts on “Time

  1. Good post. We all feel this way from time to time. Sounds like you need a bit of a break from all the chaos. I hope you get some soon… even just to have a few moments you can look back on to say “I stopped time for those few minutes.”


        1. Well, I hoped the weekends would be that extra time because its 2 work-free days but man between March and April it’s been one thing after another. Maybe May will calm a tiny bit.


  2. it once happened to me – I tried to speed up the time (my vacation job during studies was to advertise alcohol somewhere in a public place and I had to stand for 8 hours, no possibility to rest or sit down). One day i was so tired that I concentrated on time and tried to speed it up. The result was that my watch hands went faster than usually and instead of showing 3.30 pm, showed 4pm so I left half an hour earlier (the boss was not there). Only on the street I saw what time it was. Strange is that my watch never went faster or slower afterwards, there was nothing wrong with it. I thought that it was a great experience showing how one’s thoughts can influence things.


    1. Wow, what an interesting story! I agree. Our thoughts greatly influence time around us. Maybe if I focus on time slowing down for me it might happen like it sped up for you! 🙂


        1. It was just added to Netflix so definitely give it a look! I did receive your tag as well! Excited to be a part of it! Thank you! Expect my response fairly soon 😛


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