The Not So Secret Life of this Guy

You have a pet or two, or in my case three, right?

Do you ever wonder if they think they have a good life?

Let me give you some background about my special jerk. I absolutely hated cats. I swore I would never have a cat. Dogs and reptiles only. Forever. All cats were the devil’s spawn.

Hear me out.

Back in my college days, when I decided dorm life was not for me, I moved off campus and into a townhouse with this random girl I met in class. She was nice enough. She was also a senior which meant by the end of the year she was leaving and that meant the townhouse was mine. We talked about the living arrangement and she let me know that I she had cats. All I had was my turtle at the time so I let her know as long as her cats didn’t try to jump into Turtle’s tank and eat him, her cats and I would have no problems. Alright, cool! It’s a deal. I moved in.

Little did I know, her cats were the cats from Hell. What I thought were cute, sweet feline faces were imps in disguise. Her cats are what did it for me. I barely slept each night because they would scratch and yowl at the carpet in front of my door because they couldn’t come in. I don’t know you crazy cats so no, you aren’t sleeping in my room. She would sometimes leave on the weekends and I had to deal with their crazy asses! The final straw was when I came home from staying with the hubban (then boyfriend) at his place over the weekend and all the cabinets in the kitchen were open, food was shredded all over the place and the cats were running around like they were possessed. I literally thought we were robbed that day. It was unbelievable. NEVER WILL I EVER have cats. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait until she moved out.

Fast forward to my senior year. A friend of mine informed me that a box of kittens were left on her doorstep. I told my best friend because she expressed interest in wanting a cat. She asked me to go pick one out for her and bring it when I came to visit.

I should have known better… I’m such a sucker!

I looked in the box at this array of kittens, marveling at how they all came from the same mother because they were all different colors. I picked out a little black and white one for my friend and that was that. Cool, done. Right? I can’t remember exactly what made me linger but this jerk was asleep the whole time so I didn’t show any interest but soon as I was going to leave he opened his eyes and I was lost. He stared at me, I stared at him and then I called my boyfriend and was like “you like cats right? because I’m coming home with one…”

From there the rest is history. Milliardo (Gundam character if you were curious; I let the man name the cat..) is family. I think he started out as a nice kitten but the man threw him in a snowpile once because Milliardo scratched him real good and I’m pretty positive he never forgot that. I had to essentially ignore my cat for a year to get him to like the man again! There was also a recent incident of him being a jerk to Isabel (the second cat I’ve obtained since) and Milliardo bit the shit (no better way to convey this) out of my hand and I ended up in the ER contemplating snapping my own cat’s neck. I’ve forgiven him since then because I can’t look at his face and be mad for long. He’s very affectionate and will speak to you if you speak to him back. He likes getting his belly rubbed so we have this whole ritual in the morning of him walking in front of me and plopping on his back for his morning rub.

He has many nicknames. I call him sentry cat because he always sleep at the foot of the bed. He’s also motorboat cat cause he has the deepest purr I’ve ever heard and he’s also drooly cat because you cuddle him enough and he starts drooling. I can go on forever…

I think he has a good life. I can only imagine where he would have ended up since his life started in a box. It’s going on 7 or 8 years now, I believe, and I wish he could live forever. I can’t imagine my everyday life without this jerk. He definitely changed my mind about cats.



14 thoughts on “The Not So Secret Life of this Guy

    1. Indeed they are. The only time I felt that kind of connection was with my dog who’s passed years ago so I didn’t think it was possible to feel that again; especially with a cat!


            1. Oh boy. Never be scared to share what you think. My mind is so open. I love being introduced to different angles of interpretations because I usually learn something that I didn’t imagine before!


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