Compilation of Pink

I hate pink. Well, I don’t hate it. Ironically enough I’m actually wearing pink today. I think I look great in pink clothing! I would never have a pink wall or pink car though. Let’s just say pink is not my first choice. So for this post, I went through my phone and had M go through hers to find any pink pictures we have and share them!

First up are these jellies! This is kind of a cheating pink picture because the jellyfish aren’t actually pink at all but the neon lights make it seem like he has bright pink feelers. Following that you have pink lilies my husband presented me for some such special occasion. And finally, a pink book! Great series if you haven’t read it but I found this gem at Books-a-Million for $5! All the books are a numbered grave but each one is a different color which is pretty neat!

Since we’re tag teaming this post, I’ll tell you that I’m not a pink girl, either. Went through all of my pictures and I had nothing that was completely pink. My dog does wear a pink harness – otherwise people would think she’s a boy. Otherwise, no pink. Then! Low and behold, I remembered that we have three azalea bushes sitting in our driveway. They’ll be planted either today or Saturday, weather permitting. I trudged out in the rain, wearing my robe, to snap a pic. Pink or not, I think they’re pretty. Disagree if you’d like. I don’t have a green thumb, but Danny, my boy toy, thinks he does. 😉

Go through your phone and share some pictures with us that have pink!




9 thoughts on “Compilation of Pink

  1. Aww, I love pink. I’m in love with pink. You can check out my post on pink. I had to restrain myself on what to upload. I’ve got so many pink stuffs 😀😀💝💝. But your flowers look fantastic.


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