Questions to Bloggers

I’m sitting here going through my followers posts and watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and wondering.

I’ve been blogging for upwards of three months now and I’m finally getting the hang of the WordPress community, I think. Find blogs. Read posts. Like or comment on posts. Repeat. Pretty straightforward stuff.

And yet, I’m curious.

Is there an unspoken etiquette that if someone likes or comments on a post of yours that you’re obligated to do the same back? Or do you just hope that others may find your content interesting and visit? Not saying that’s a bad thing of course because we all want our content to be recognized in some way but I guess I just want to make sure I’m doing right.

The other thing I wonder is in regards to comments. Everyone I follow probably knows, I comment a lot. I personally feel like the only way you’ll know I truly read your content is if I tell you I did. Is it possible to be an annoying commenter (I don’t think that’s a word..) though? Do you sometimes wish I didn’t comment on almost all of your posts?

That’s pretty much all I have for today. I’m going to go mourn the fact that Avi(my favorite!) left Pentatonix and hopefully eat a cinnamon roll.

Happy Saturday!


38 thoughts on “Questions to Bloggers

  1. Nel, I love your comments, short or long, so please keep them coming. As for an obligation for commenting back, I hope there is no hard and fast rule. What I do when someone comments on my post is generally give a thank you, but I think a “like” could be sufficient here, depending on the comment. That way they know you saw it. If we all commented on other’s comments there would be no end! πŸ˜›


    1. Haha that is very true. Maybe we can start a neverending comment thread! πŸ˜› I’m glad you enjoy my comments as I’ve no intention of stopping anytime soon!


  2. Likes are nice but comment allow blog to gage the impacts of there post. I don’t believe you are obligated to respond for the sake of responsing. If the post is beneficial to you respond.


  3. I love when people comment, it lets me know if I’m in the right direction or not. I may not always leave comments but I try to read as much as I can. I don’t think there should be an expectation to receive likes or comments, so when they happen they mean more. For me, my content is… naughty and so I don’t expect comments or even likes. I’ve received a few private messages saying they like my posts but don’t feel comfortable saying so publicly. Some people just like to read and move on. Some love commenting. I think the blogging experience is different for everyone and as long as you’re happy then that’s what matters.


    1. Thanks cim. You make very good points. I didn’t even think of private messages! And you are definitely right. The blogging experience is different for everyone.


  4. Hey! I don’t think that reacting a lot is annoying. I absolutely like that because I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions.
    I really liked this post !


    1. Thank you! I really wanted to know what people think and hope that it it helps other bloggers who maybe thought similar things. πŸ™‚


  5. Hahaha nooooo, I love your comments. I am sure I am not the only one. It’s nice to get feedback. I Actually need to pick up that habit, and comment more on stuff I enjoy.


        1. That’s because you are funny! I like you too 😊 I try to get M to write more since she’s the more sensible one but her job is very demanding.


  6. I enjoy your comments. It helps build a better online friendship. But it also keeps the conversation growing on that post or topic, which ultimately is why we’re all posting. To discuss those things with other people, at least in most cases.

    I’m spending the next 30 or so day adding book reviews for everything I’ve ever read and remember, so I sometimes have 5 or 6 book reviews each day. I don’t expect any feedback, even likes. I definitely know want everyone to feel any level obligation to like or comment on each one, only the ones that speak to them or have something interesting to say.

    I tend to comment more with those who comment on my posts, just because they feel like people I’d want to engage with. But I also won’t post a comment unless it’s on value. I try to find a connection beyond just saying “good post,” but sometimes that’s the best response, too!


    1. You make very good points James. I think it does build a better online presence especially to individuals that regularly subscribe to your posts. Sometimes comments even give me ideas for future posts because you wonderful people think up things I sometimes didn’t! You’re right though; sometimes the simplest response is the best response.


  7. Agree with others, comments are wonderful, I love yours! Even if it is just ‘good post’ or similar, as a writer that gives me such a rush. Where I struggle is with replying. Is ‘thanks’ enough? In some cases yes, in others I want to give more but might not know what to say but I love engaging with readers.

    As to ‘Is there an unspoken etiquette that if someone likes or comments on a post of yours that you’re obligated to do the same back?’ I would say there’s not an etiquette but perhaps an expectation from some, that idea that ‘hey I read yours now you have to read mine!’. It’s up to you really though. I go look but I wont like anything that I don’t actually like. I don’t reciprocal follow either though I know many people do.

    Hope that cinnamon roll!


    1. Firstly, love hearing from you! You were one of my first follows and I still look forward to your posts no matter how long it takes you to write them! I think thanks is good enough or even just a like when it comes to replying. I know people have busy lives so any acknowledgement is good acknowledgement I’m learning at this point. I’m glad I’m not the only one who reciprocates follows unless I find some good content on that blog.
      I did get my cinnamon roll! Four of them actually because I’m a fatass, hahaha.


      1. No judgement lol! I had two chocolate croissants πŸ™‚

        Without the likes and comments I wouldn’t be compelled to write so much so thanks for finding and following me, however it happened πŸ™‚


  8. Some people most definitely operate under a follow like formula. Some people probably use likes and follows as a tool of growth and not a reflection of their opinion. You can comment on pages and people will take it wrong. They will want advice and you will give positive constructive criticism, and they will attack you with nasty names and rude remarks. Be prepared and don’t care.
    You have to stay true to yourself always! There is no one way to do things, just do what feels right for you. But if you want to increase followers, likes, and comments, reciprocity is a must. When you can, stop by their pages, like the ones you do and comment when you want to.


    1. I see. I think the almost 70 followers I have is quite a bit! Not everyone posts everyday or even every week but I try to keep up with everyone as much as possible especially since I’m a pretty regular blogger myself. Thank you for your advice. My goal isn’t about numbers; it’s more of discovery type of journey and connecting with creative individuals but, like others said, everyone has a different blogging experience. 😊


      1. When I saw this post, I was so intrigued, because I had the exact same question. But then when I read all the comments, I saw that no one had mentioned the darker side of the like/follow formula that is most definitely out there.

        Personally, I agree with you about followers. It is nice to know that people are reading and getting comments (Like yours, which are always great and appreciated); but ultimately I too am here for the journey.

        I don’t really know what you are supposed to do. I like the stuff I like, but mostly don’t have enough time to check out posts. 😦

        Two weeks ago I had 70 followers, and I was shocked. I’m right there with both of you. I have no idea what I’m doing. I just know that not everyone out there is kind. I joked with another blogger about negative comments and knowing you made it when you get your first one. Last weekend was my first experience for getting reamed by comments I had left.


        1. I’ll have to check our your post! I’m sorry you had a negative comment experience but I guess it comes with that unknown territory. Some people can be very sensitive. At least now you’ll know in the future, assuming they weren’t a total ass to you. If so, then, like you said, brush it off and move on. Being negative is probably the quickest way to lose followers I’d say.


  9. I don’t operate under any obligation when I comment on blogs, I just flop around and verbally high five the things that I like. But I have run into a few instances where comments on my blog didn’t seem genuine, and more like an attempt to get more followers, and I didn’t like that. But as long as it’s genuine and positive, I say comment away!


    1. Thanks for your insight everydaystrange πŸ™‚ I definitely always try to be genuine and positive. It’s hard not to if you read something you really like!


  10. Hmm I think different people work in different ways. I try to catch up on as many blogs as I like as often as possible. haha I’m the same about commenting- though I’ve finally *finally* had to come to terms with the fact that sometimes I just don’t have anything witty or interesting to say and I can’t comment on every blog I read πŸ˜‰ hehe I think the long and the short of it should be you do you!! πŸ˜€


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