The Odds

You know what I’m notorious for?

Signing up for giveaways when there’s a one in million chance I’ll actually win. I see a giveaway or a contest for a bundle of books, a car, a vacation in Japan; I enter them instantly. It’s a bad habit. Want to know why? Because there is a one and gazillion chance I might actually win. Gazillion is a lot. But what if you know?

The real problem though is I get upset later when I get spammed with emails not related to the giveaway. Please only email me if I won something. I don’t need to know about every single promotion every hour, every single day. Gmail is awesome because it filters that kind of stuff into Promotions so you only have to look at them if you want to. I ignore them most of the time but then I have this weird OCD sort of wanting all my emails to be marked as read. There’s a one click button that will make everything read of course but once you open the tab itself you start looking anyway and then get stuck in this spiral of promotions, which makes me even more angry. Then I decide I want to unsubscribe from them all. That in itself is a whole process! You click the unsubscribe button and get transferred to a site and then want to know why you want to unsubscribe and all you want are the emails to stop but it takes a week for that to *maybe* happen and in the meantime you’re still getting emails.

This is why I have three emails. One for bills, one for social media and one for junk. The junk one, the one you never look at, is the one you give for random things when you don’t want people to know your other two. But then it’s hard because it comes back around to what if you win something?? You wouldn’t even know if it went to the junk email address because you didn’t check it. Opportunity lost; just like that.

Around Christmas I like to sign up for Ellen Degeneres’ 12 days of Christmas giveaways. Who wouldn’t want the goods Ellen likes to giveaway on a regular right?? I like free as much as the next person. So do I use junk email and make sure to check it or do I use one of the other two and add to my collection of junk I’m still trying to unsubscribe from?




9 thoughts on “The Odds

  1. At least your giveaways are free (if you subtract the time to filter out all the email crap). When I get ticked-off at life, I play the lottery. I drop a buck or two and then I start spending the money in my head. And guess what, I’m disappointed when I don’t win.

    Last Friday, I bought a lottery ticket while running an errand at work. 7-11 is right next door to the bank, and what better time to be fed up with my life than when I’m depositing gobs of money for my company (which I don’t own).

    On Saturday morning, I couldn’t find the ticket. I looked everywhere including the kitchen garbage, twice. Taking the garbage out piece by piece and looking at the crumpled grocery store receipts. Everything damp and soggy because, well, it’s garbage.

    I laid awake Sunday night stressed that I lost my ticket, sure that it was a winner. My one chance to change my life and I squandered it. I irresponsibly didn’t take care of my part.

    On Monday morning, I found the ticket in the cooler that I take to work as my lunch box. And I was right, a winner! I won a buck.


  2. Ahh I am the same about junk emails- because I definitely sign up for things too often and I just don’t want to be spammed forever. Most people think I’m pretty weird for having more than one email account, but I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this.


    1. I guess that makes me weird too because you definitely are not the only one. I feel quite organized with my multiple emails!


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