Unmoored? Maybe?

These words man..

I looked up synonyms to this one and most of them say loose, adrift, without an anchor and all I can think about is this picture:

I mean it’s technically unmoored in a sea of grass right?!

My husband sent me this picture while he was working. He believes the people who live their intentionally buried their truck. Like they woke up one day, when to start the truck and it was dead. Instead of scraping it, they do what most do with beloved dead things and they buried it in their yard. I imagine it was a nice gardening project; step one dig a hole, step 2, put truck in hole, step three, throw a bunch a grass seed around it so it becomes a decorative lawn ornament.

I’d like to think maybe that whole situation used to be a river and in someone got stranded and left their truck and then over time nature just took over. Or maybe it’s not a full truck at all and it’s just the top of a truck but then who had the patience to cut a truck in half? I mean you just don’t pick these kinds of things up at a yard sale!

Or maybe it’s an alien sign so they know where to land their spaceship…

The things you see driving around these towns, I swear.

What do you think is the real story? Hit me up in the comments!


31 thoughts on “Unmoored? Maybe?

  1. Hehehehe I do not want to speculate as to how it ended up like that, although I do like the idea of it being placed there and having grass seeds sprinkled around it. Sounds funky ๐Ÿ˜€

    But right now, with so much going on in my life, I feel un-anchored, like the truck!


    1. You totally speak my language. I hear Bruno Mars singing when I think of funky. He could totally come up with a cool dance routine around this truck. I hope your life isn’t too crazy! Feel free to rant to me about it if necessary ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Keep an eye out, maybe it’ll grow into a little truck tree! Y’know, branches sprouting from the windows and trucklets hanging from it… Sounds like abstract art.


        1. Hahaha! Well thanks for visiting and if you do find yourself getting a truck lawn ornament, be sure to share that in blog post!


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