Akismet Thinks I’m Spam

I thought I would share this in case anyone else has a similiar experience in the future.

Akismet is a backend plugin that protects your blog from getting spam comments on the front end. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen people say they “rescued a comment from the spam queue”, that’s Aksimet.

Yesterday morning I had no problem commenting on all your lovely blogs. By evening, I could not say the same. It all started when Nemo pointed out to me that he could not see the comment box when he went to go leave a comment. He wasn’t the first person to tell me that. I figured maybe there’s some bad code in the theme. So I changed it.

I went to go catch up on the afternoon blog posts rolling in, and comment, when noticed that my comments were not showing up on all your lovely blogs.

I’m sort of a tech nerd so when there’s a web or computer issue, I will spend hours figuring it out. I went on a Google search spree to see what others were saying. Most people kept stating that their comment box wouldn’t show up but that didn’t seem to be a widespread issue for RT. The usual steps are to make sure your browser is up to date, clear cache and cookies, etc etc to rule out software problems. I did all of that. The common denominator here is that this problem was happening across devices. It didn’t matter if I commented from my laptop, tablet or cellphone; the issue remained.

Continuing the process of elimination, I logged in as M to see if she had a commenting issue as well. Her comments show up. Shout out to cwhiteweb for going with my random commenting flow on her post last night. It should also be noted that I can leave comments here on RT but not on anyone else’s blog.

I finally found an article that states that Akismet sometimes oopsies and the bot can mark you as spam if you are a heavy comment-er such as myself. The simplest fix is to contact them and make them aware so that they can remedy that situation:

It can take up to a week so for now you all get to miss out on the awesome things I have to say about your posts because I can only like them and not comment. If it does get fixed and you find yourself with a bunch of comments from me, feel free to delete them because I tried to comment from Reader and on your personal posts page during my process of elimination.


17 thoughts on “Akismet Thinks I’m Spam

  1. Sorry! I know that pain. I check every morning to see what’s in spam and then empty. It’s a painful manual check, but it takes less than 5 minutes if I look regularly. I’ll keep an eye out… as it’s not perfect. Good post!


    1. Thank you.
      It is! I didn’t even know that was a possibility but I guess it makes sense when you comment as much as I do. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner than a week because I have so many things to say!


  2. haha half tempted to write testing testing one two three but I’m pretty sure your blog will let me comment (cos I was able to do this yesterday) It’s so annoying that this has been happening!! I’m not tech savvy enough to know what I should be doing lol 😉


    1. I blame the new WordPress version personally. When I log in as M she can comment, so I don’t get it. I just want it fixed! I have so many things to say everyday! Hahahhaa


  3. It’s good that you finally found out the issue! It’s really irritating – for you and for us as well. I can’t comment from reader section even today. Let me check my spam folder if I can find your comments there.


    1. Well good news is I’m not the only site experiencing this issue. A fellow blogger has posted a similar post on her site today as well. Hopefully if enough people report it, they’ll realize it’s a big bug lol


    1. Your comment is a case in point. You’ve commented many times before but this one was in the spam queue 😦 I saved it though.


    1. Thanks Cherylene! So far I haven’t heard anything back yet since I sent in my example test so maybe they’re looking into it for everyone and not just me. I’ll make an update post soon as I hear back!


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