I’ve Been Fixed!


Starting yesterday afternoon, I noticed whenever I left comments on an individual’s blog, they did not show up. You, dear individual, did not see them and they didn’t seem to be showing up in the spam queue either. After deactivating and reactivating plugins, changing the theme, checking my host sever, and extensive Googling, I came to the conclusion that it was on Akismet’s end.

I was right.

In the previous post I explained how to contact them if you are having similar issues. I also said it would take up to a week or more from what I read in some forums. This is the email they sent to me after I filled out the contact page:

So I followed the link and essentially you pretend to comment on a blog, present your blog URL and the blog URL you are trying to comment on as a test for them to see what’s going on. When I received this email, I was talking to orangutuanlibrarian and was able to comment on her posts just fine but nobody else’s worked. I thought maybe the problem had fixed itself but I submitted the test form anyway. Better for them to look at my site and be sure nothing’s wrong then for me to assume it’ll automatically fix itself. About an hour ago I got this email:

Hooray! Thank you Carolyn you magnificent Happiness Rocketeer! (Is that not the best job title ever?!) My turtle and I thank you!



7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Fixed!

  1. I was just reading a blog about a vet experience and when I saw you were “fixed” I thought…er ummm…anyway…glad you are commenting at will again. By the way, I would give my eye teeth to be a Happiness Rocketeer! Wooooo…


    1. HAHAHA. I might steal you away from your husband just saying! 😂😂😂 Maybe I should get fixed. You know it’s said to have a calming effect on animals with a lot of hyperactivity.
      I want to be a Happiness Rocketeer too! I think we would both pass that interview with flying colors.


  2. The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Every time I clicked on “post comment” my comment would disappear. I went into the forums and left a message about it. The next day it was all fixed! Drove you crazy though, right?

    Glad you got it fixed!!


    1. Oh my gosh yes! It’s so hard to read your followers post and not be able to say anything in return. I’m definitely grateful for the same day customer service! Hopefully its fixed forever, haha


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