Finest Fusion

I’m in a music kind of mode these past few days! Last night my friend shared a link of musical greatness. When someone shares a musical link to me, I try to listen and watch without reading the description because I want to have my feelings before I read what everyone, including the author, has to say about it.

The video features Joss Stone in Armenia doing a collaboration with Gata Band in their little basement studio. I was quite mesmerized. I don’t understand the lyrics because I don’t speak the language but that doesn’t even matter! Here’s the video:

I watched it once and then turned around and watched it again. Then I noticed that there’s about 30+ more of these collaborations on YouTube and each one is set in a different country. Before I catapulted myself into an hours long YouTube spiral, I did a bit of research.

Turns out Joss Stone is doing a World Tour. For those of you that don’t know who she is, she’s a young soulful, raspy musical artist who has sang with some of the greats like Patti LaBelle and James Brown. She’s also a huge humanitarian and environmentalist and has accomplished so much for someone in her late 20s!

Back to her world tour. It’s not just any world tour. It’s a Total World Tour! This woman is travelling the entire world and has made it her mission to perform in every country on this planet. She started in 2014 and is still going! What I love about this so much is not only is she performing her own music but she’s infusing herself in the local musical crowd and doing collaborations with the indigenous peoples! She speaks to them, learns the meaning behind their song, learns the song itself and then sings it with them! Talk about really understanding one’s roots! Her audience can be as small as these 4 people in a studio basement to as huge as an arena full of thousands! This barefoot queen is a goddess and she is a role model for the ages!

Can I please be Joss Stone when I grow up??

Check out this collaboration as well as her other ones here.


27 thoughts on “Finest Fusion

        1. Fun fact about me, now that you mentioned a flute, I played the flute for 6 years. I was going to make a post about my instrumental skills at some point.


          1. Oh WOW!! That is impressive! You need some good coordination to play that thing!! You should totally write about it. Do you still play? What else do you play?


            1. I played the flute, tenor saxophone and baritone. I’m also good at plastic guitar on Rock Band 😂 I haven’t played in years but I still have the instruments! I can’t bring myself to give them up


              1. What?!! I am clapping my hands right now!! Well, I am sure you’ll remember one story you’re willing to tell. And I am still waiting for the toilet story too 😛


  1. Nel, Joss has been one of my top favorite singers and having watched her live was one of the best gifts ever. I had no idea it’s been going on since 2014 and it’s a all-countries thing. That’s incredible? I’m in love with the Moçambique collaboration. They’re singing in Portuguese 🙂 That woman can sing 😀


    1. Oh man, I’m so jealous! I would pay good money to see her live! She’s such a beautiful soul and yeah I was pretty surprised about the all world tour as well! That’s so amazing. It’s going to take years but I bet it’s so worth it to meet all of these ppl and getting a taste of their culture to share with ppl like us!!


            1. When my husband and I went to see JayZ and Beyonce it was $1000 just to get tickets not in the nosebleed section and even then you were spending at least $150.


  2. That song is incredible! I love this tour because it’s a powerful cultural tour. It’s dangerous to listen to the same songs produced by the same industry. One can get kinda stuck and create stereotypes for unknown cultures.


    1. I hear that! Plus you just don’t get soulful music like hers anymore. I hope she inspires other artists to step out of their comfort zone of crap music.


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