Where in the World Are You Tag USA

My awesome friend Linda over at Everyone Else Has the Best Titles has created a new tag! It’s aim is for all of us to get to know each other a little better and find a little bit about the town/country we leave in!

What is the Where in the World Are You Tag?

Where in the world is the author of that great blog?  Hopefully, this tag will help answer that question and provide some background info about the locales behind the blogs we love.


You are ALL nominated.  The best part is that it is super quick and easy.

The goal is to get as many blogs involved as possible.  Using the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou will make it easy to find new blogs from interesting places.

The rules are simple

  1. Share your location being as specific as you like.  Just a country is fine.

  2. If you wish, give a little info on your locality.  Photos are a plus!

  3. If you have a post about where you live, feel free to share the link.

  4. Add the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou

  5. Post it to your blog replacing the country name after the title with yours.

That’s it.  Only one question to answer and an optional essay.  Just replace the info in your predecessor’s post with your own and set it free.

I am also from the USA. I live in a town called Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. That’s pronounced Kai-uh-hog-a. There’s also a county and national park with Cuyahoga in the name because the Cuyahoga River runs through them all. Cuyahoga Falls buts up against a well known city called Akron which most people know of because basketball player, Lebron James, is from here. We’re about a 40 minute drive away from Cleveland which is also a well known city many people know of when they think of Ohio. My town is in between city and country. Small city that can be a bit rural in some parts. I don’t have to drive very far to grocery shop or to see a mall. And there’s a strip of road full of all the restaurant chains you can think of which is very bad for my health.

This is what Cleveland looks like at night from an airplane. Ohio is considered Midwest and we border one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie, which is known for being one of the last bits of freshwater in the nation.

That’s it! Hope you all consider participating!


14 thoughts on “Where in the World Are You Tag USA

  1. Didn’t know Lebron was from Ohio. I’m not into basketball or anything, I’m just glad to know. haha Cuyahoga is a very cool name. Does it have an Indian origin? Do you know what it means?


    1. Indeed it does. The Native Americans named it Cuyahoga because it means crooked river. Back in A.D times this land was settled by many Native American tribes!


      1. I guess Linda’s Cornville was too, or maybe just Skowhegan, a neighboring town. Same here in Brazil. Lots of Indian names and Indians, of course. They suffer a lot of segragation, though. Ppl stealing their lands…


        1. Yeah they’re aren’t too many Native Americans here anymore but there are plenty of tributes to them all over the cities. You can find Native American tiki statues in almost every city and there are a whole host of burial mounds that are protected Native American burial sites. The Great Serpent mound is the largest, spanning 1,376 feet.


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