Shelf Situations

Okay, I admit. I have a problem hobby.

When we lived in our little one bedroom apartment, it was always a struggle trying to figure out how to stack all the books I acquire from sales and the internet on this shelf. It started out as one shelf then turned into two. The bookcase has four shelves total and I allowed my husband to use one for his video games and the very bottom one was for my Disney movies.

This is one thing I’m very particular about. They have to be shelved by author, and on top of that, in order by series. When shelved vertical, series order is always left to right not right to left. When stacked horizontally, series order is always top to bottom not bottom top. If I have doubles or stand-alones, they’re stacked by book size. The series I like the most have to be stacked in front and visible when I stack horizontal.

(If you were curious, those are not overdue library books. I bought them from library sales. Also, the little red and blue book sticking out is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.)

Thankfully we were finally able to save enough to buy a house and said house came with built in wall shelves in one of the bedrooms as well as the stair situation below:

Before you ask, yes, I’ve read every book in both pictures except Haunted, An Ember in the Ashes, Persona, and Storm Siren and my collection has doubled since.

Are you particular about the way your books are shelved? Are you like me and there’s no such thing as running out of space for books? Let me know in the comments below! 😀


29 thoughts on “Shelf Situations

  1. Nel, sweety. I hate to have to be the one to break it to you but this right here is NOT a hobby. It’s a PROBLEM. My goodness, OCD much? lol
    And those aren’t all the books you own…I remember seeing a whole stack of books on the floor after a library sale a couple of months ago! :-O


    1. Look! Those were split up between 4 people so I can’t claim all the credit! And if I read them all, it is a hobby! ALSO! it probably is a little OCD but there are people out there who stack their shelves alphabetically by color! At least I don’t have that level of OCD, hahaha


        1. You’re helping me convince me; you just don’t realize it yet :P. I’ll email you a pic of the updated shelf situation.


  2. We have books in almost every room in our house except for the bathrooms, dining room and kitchen, but they are all my husband’s 🙂 He also has a huge bookcase of well over 2-3,000 CDs. Hubby has them all in a special order and even created a database for them with a printed catalog. He’s not really OCD, though. He also orders something almost every other day online, so we have boxes on our front stoop all of the time.

    I’m the opposite. I don’t collect anything and I have significantly fewer things than my husband. The only thing I buy too much of are groceries.


    1. I rescued you from spam! I saw the CD collection! That’s pretty amazing! I’m okay with buying a lot of food hahaha!


      1. Luckily the CD collection hasn’t been growing for a while. Hubby now gets a lot of music from the internet.

        Oh, if only I could cut down a bit on the grocery bill. That is the only thing I spend a lot on, otherwise hubby is the bigger spender.


        1. I buy a lot of books and my husband buys a lot of video games but his don’t take up space because he buys them online but now he’s started buying records since they’ve made a comeback and we’re definitely going to need a couple more shelves haha


            1. I keep an excel sheet on Google Sheets, because I can access anywhere, of all the books and Disney movies I have so i don’t buy doubles. I also note if their hardback, paperback or trade paperback and then I organize them as you read in the post.


  3. The only problem I see here is a lack of shelving space. Are you telling me that you currently have a whole wall in the bedroom for books? Not enough space! Before you beat yourself up about having too many books think of this. I have three 6 foot bookcases jammed full of books. These are ONLY my plant/gardening books. I have cases for art, knitting, finance, fiction, classics, sciences….the list goes on and on. I don’t even know how many bookcases I have, to say nothing of books. I absolutely love the ability to grab a book on any subject that comes to mind. I have been thinking about donating my classics to the local library, though. I can get all of those as e-books…though it isn’t quite the same. I’m definitely a paper gal. By the way, I am almost done with your questions for your guest post. I expect amazing answers…no pressure. 😛


    1. See?!? You totally get me! You are 100% right! Not enough space so I had to work with what I had at the time. I’m also a paper girl but I like ebooks too cause they’re quicker to get and I can take multiple books with me on a trip. You can totally consider donating those classics to me just saying 😺 they’d have a great home in this house!


      1. Haha, you’d need a lot more bookcases! A pity you didn’t live close by…for a number of reasons! We’d tear up the town…ok, we’d find a shady place to read, but it’d be fun! I agree…e-books/paperbooks…as long as it’s a book, it’s a good time.


    1. I’m drooling at your situation. I need to up my shelving game! I think it’s pretty amazing that you remember the Dewey decimal system. I worked in a library for years in my college days and I barely remember any of it!


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