My Weekend: Part 1

Let me start by saying I missed you all! I had post ideas in my head but no time to post them. Since I can’t remember them now I’ll tell you about my weekend instead.

Friday night after work, I went to Books A Million to purchase bookish tote bags for the event Saturday. The event was called Reader Author Get Together. It was sponsored my author Lori Fostors and was featuring a ton of my favorite authors, mainly Darynda Jones.

Nobody comes to Ohio. I mean we get a couple famous musicians here and there but never authors. So I made it a point to go. I asked my husband to go with me because 2 of my friends who are also fans couldn’t go.

Cincinnati, technically Kentucky, is 4 hours away. I prepaid for a rental car because I did not want 500 miles on my car. Saturday morning comes and I make breakfast for us and I’m bouncing around because I’m excited to hit the road. We get to Avis to pick up our car, which was supposed to be a subcompact, only to find out they didn’t have any. So the lady says, “hey! free upgrade!” And I’m like cool! Except it wasn’t cool. Subcompact is like a Ford sedan. My upgrade choices were a minivan or a giant Dodge pickup truck…Β Not happening. It would cost more to fill up those up with gas than the rental itself!

I admit, I was a little frustrated because I don’t see how I was able to make the reservation in the first place if they didn’t have any cars. So the woman offered to transfer my reservation to the Akron-Canton airport. I was agreeable to this since we were headed south anyway except she couldn’t. I had to call an 800number and get it transferred that way. You know what? No big deal; as long as I get my good mileage economy car, nothing was going to ruin my mood.

We get to the airport, get the car, and we’re on our way. It was an hour behind schedule but we still had plenty of time. Leaving at around 10ish, we arrived around 1:40ish, starving. The event is hosted in a hotel so we go across the street to Rally’s also known as Checkers in other parts of the nation.

We order our food and then we go to step away and this big man behinds us orders food. While we’re waiting, this woman comes in and asks the Rally’s worker if he had seen a big man with a gun.

Woah. WHAT?!? (More on that story in Part 2)

I look over and it turns out it’s author J.R. Ward, in the flesh, at Rally’s. I’m not much of a fan of hers. I read a couple of her Black Dagger Brotherhood books and they just did not have enough substance and too repetitive for me. So no, I didn’t fan-girl. I just thought it was cool. My first celebrity sighting!

The booksignings started at 3 so after eating we went in the hotel. It was packed!!! Authors and readers everywhere! Each author had their own table and volunteers were pointing you in the right direction. I got to meet Darynda Jones!!! She’s so cool. I had like 20 books for her to sign (my ten and then requests from friends who couldn’t go).

The funniest thing to happen was she opened one of my books and it was already signed to someone else! She looked up at me and goes, “this is already signed. Where did you get this?” I was like seriously?? Sometimes I buy the books after reading the ebooks and never look in them or I flip past the title page to get to chapter one. So I told her I bought it from half price books. She was like, “DMarcus sold my book!” And burst out laughing. I seriously love this woman. I told her to cross his name out and put mine! His loss is my gain! She just laughed some more and told me that now I have a cool story to tell!

After that she gave me a hug and my husband took a picture of us.

Part 2 coming soon!


20 thoughts on “My Weekend: Part 1

  1. Nel it sounded like you had a blast dispite your rough start. lol. I wish I could have went. My husband actually has family in Akron OH. But we are not scheduled to visit for a few weeks or so. I am so glad you got to meet Dryanda, since you joined our group. Did you get to meet any fellow
    Grimlets? πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah! I met Angie Bee. I didn’t know she was grimlet though until she posted the picture in the group. I did have a lot of fun! Look out for part 2! There’s more!


    1. Also I had more important things to say in that crazy long bff edit! I promise not to leave stuff out the next round β™₯️


        1. I haven’t made it yet but the premise will be naming romances either in books, television, movies or whatever you can think of that resonated you whether the mains had a happy or sad ending.


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