Cherries: The Final Chapter

Its pouring down raining here today so I thought I’d share a story of sunshine and color!

I mentioned in a previous post that I work with people who are 30-50 years older than me. Well, my boss is 80 years old. He is such an enigma! I could probably do a whole blog series just about him. Anyway, usually when I come to work I do office stuff. That mostly involves paperwork, emails and answering phones. However, when you work for someone who is 80 years old and has many hobbies, your work day can often change. For example, he’s decided to have bee colonies at his house so he ordered a bunch of flow hives off eBay and had me put them together. It was a trial let me tell you. Another time he sent me to the post office to pick up 3,000 bees, not in my car mind you!

So, I’m usually first in the office. Then he strolls in about an hour or hour and a half after me. Yesterday, he decided that it was cherry picking day. I shared a couple of pictures of these cherries from their blossoms to the actual fruit. They’re ripe now! He walks into my office and goes, “you ever pick cherries before?” I’m like no, never. I’d never even seen a cherry tree up close until I started working here.

He explains that he’s going to put me and my coworker in a basket and lift us up to pick everything off the top of the tree. Now as you’re reading this, you’re probably like is he senile? What do you mean lift us up in a basket?? I automatically think of a picnic basket and I’m pretty positive I’m too big for that. Or like a hot air balloon basket but we don’t have one of those.

It’s actually a metal basket strapped to a forklift!

So I am literally entrusting my life to the driver of this rusted contraption below me and there’s no strapping us to the basket itself. It’s a free for all.

Half my day was spent up in the air which was pretty fun. When I told my husband he was like, “this is what you do all day?”. I was like when an 80 year old man tells you to pick cherries, you pick cherries!

Here are a couple pictures from up in the air to give you perspective. The first one is the view from the top of a semi that docked for shipment pickup. The second one features a cameo from Mr. Continental! He blends right into the forest with that tree growing out his bumper.

This is only one tree of many. As you can see in the picture above, there’s a tree with a different type of cherries. I thought all cherries were created equal but the dark red ones are called Bing cherries and those yellow ones are Queen Ann cherries. The Bing cherries have a slight sour taste whereas those Queen Ann cherries are sweet! They tasted like grapes to me.

We filled two big boxes of cherries and left the rest to the birds and other wildlife to strip the rest of that tree. Since this day there has been lots of cherry pie and cherry jam in this office.

Do you have fruit trees? Do you like cherries? Is it rainy where you are in the world now? Let me know in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “Cherries: The Final Chapter

  1. oh gosh wow- having to pick up 3000 bees is very different!! hahaha “when an 80 year old man tells you to pick up cherries, you pick up cherries”! Brilliant!! And I love love love cherries- we used to have a cherry tree, years ago, but birds used to eat them all- there was only one year when there were so many cherries that we actually got to have some- but they were the best!! πŸ˜€


    1. Hahaha yeah. The same thing happened here! They tried putting a plastic owl out to scare them away but it didn’t work so my boss introduced them to tree netting and how they’ve gotten the biggest harvest since the trees were planted 20 years ago!


        1. I have so far. Almost cherried out and there’s still 4 trees left to be picked! I don’t know what they’re gonna do with them all besides leave them for the wildlife.


    1. I’m not overly afraid of heights so not so much.I was more worried about the basket itself cause it’s so old and rusty as well as bad semi truck driving skills by some of them pulling in, haha.
      Yeah! The lady at the post office had me go back and get them cause she was like “I am not touching those!”


  2. I would love your boss! Here in Maine we have something that that’s a smaller “basket” on a long arm and we call those things cherry pickers. Honestly! “Oh yeah that phone guy was up in the cherry picker fixing the wire.” So you REALLY were up in a cherry picker!!! I’m dying laughing here.


    1. Hahahaha! You are so right! I think even the lift for cars is called a cherry picker. I always thought it was like a machine that just “picked” a tree and shook all the fruit out of it cause you know that’s a thing! Maybe in the future? Haha see how my brain operates??


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