One Love

Yesterday I had such a WONDERFUL day!

Every year cities all over America have a Pride parade and festival. For those who don’t know, Pride is a beautiful celebration of love; especially in the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. All of the displays are so fantastic because they feature all the colors of the rainbow. That signifies that no matter your race, gender, sexuality, love is pure. It does not pick and choose, it does not judge, it just is.

When we got there the first picture I took was of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame proudly displaying a pride flag along with all of the other rock flags. When the parade started, the Cleveland police led the charge! There were cops on bikes, horses and walking in the parade. The bike brigade was cool because they each had a tiny rainbow flag on the back of their seats.

Then the companies that support pride followed. There were hospitals, banks, and retail stores proudly displaying their colors. There was also a ton of churches displaying signs like “Love Thy Neighbor” and “Jesus Loves You” and people with free hugs and hi 5’s signs around their necks. You can imagine I was hugging and high fiving all over the place! The air was filled with an overwhelming sense of welcome.

Oh! This isn’t pictured because I was so excited, I didn’t think to snap one, but I got to pet a horse! I’ve never been near a horse in my life but one of the cops on his horse came up to the crowd and let everyone pet her. She was beautiful!!!

So as the day went on, I acquired lots of wristbands and I bought a button that said “Don’t Hide The Pride”. I also got a cool tree henna tattoo!

Everyone was so sweet! Smiles EVERYWHERE! Mine was probably the biggest because I was so excited. There was also dancing and singing and just seeing all the proud, happy people just made my entire month! Of course I also got a picture of me and my babes. They are my favorites. I’m so honored my husband and I got to witness their marriage a few months ago. (image is using a Prisma filter btw)

June is Pride Month, at least here in America, and although June is almost over, it doesn’t mean it stops. I have pride every day of the year!

My takeaways:

I love to love.
I love to see love.
I do not discriminate against love. I believe it’s impossible to do.
You are who you are, flaws and all, and that’s the way it should be. Always remember that and love yourself above all else because you’re beautiful. You know it and so do I.


19 thoughts on “One Love

  1. Great post! What I’m really thankful for our blogging community is that we get to know much more about the world than we probably would otherwise. For instance, such LGBTQ movements are not as prevalent here in Japan as they are in the U.S. and I probably wouldn’t have been as open and nonjudgmental as I am today had there not been posts like yours. This is such an inspirational post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day!


  2. Loved this Nel, you did a great job talking about Pride Parade. “You are who you are, flaws and all, and that’s the way it should be. Always remember that and love yourself above all else because you’re beautiful.” – beautiful!


  3. Beautiful post Nel. When you take pride in yourself you are saying “I know who I am”. When you know who you are you know you are love. Thank so much for sharing this story.


  4. Gorgeous post Nel! I just love it!! What a wonderful post about Pride Parade and loving each other without judgement! Amazing message that I wish the entire world would embrace! So glad you had a wonderful time! Love your pictures and just everything about this πŸ™‚


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