Facebook Fridays

So, this thought just happened in my mind.

I’m thinking of starting another weekly post called Facebook Fridays. The idea, essentially, is to follow Endangered Thursdays with the funniest things I saw on Facebook that week. It’s no secret that I’m very social! If you would like to be my friend on Facebook, just let me know and we can make that happen. I mostly post random things and all my friends tag me in bookish memes.

This week on Facebook I took a screenshot of someone who went to Starbucks and got the wrong order that made me laugh so hard I was in tears. He was very expressive and I read it once and laughed then tried to read it out loud to my husband and couldn’t get through it without busting a lung. Check it out:

You’re winning at life if you can make a Pokemon reference like this guy did! Hahahahaha

The next one I’ve watched quite a few times. Its a baby elephant running around trying to catch birds and ends up falling on his face. Naturally, I read it it with inner commentary that went something like:

Oooooh birdies!

I want a birdie!

Gimme birdie!

Come here birdies!



I felled 😦

Lastly, I shared a photo of Isabel and her cute kitty toes chilling in her kitty mountain. I like her a lot when she’s not howling like a banshee:

I have a four day weekend coming up since the 4th of July is on Tuesday. For those who don’t know that’s America’s Independence day. It means something important but it mostly means lots of food I don’t normally eat on a regular basis. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE TO EAT?? So I’ll be at the Rib, White and Blue Festival stuffing my face with all kinds of barbecued snacks and funnel cakes. I may or may not share pictures. I don’t want to scar my vegetarian friends with my carnivoreish ways.

What do you think about Facebook Fridays? Have you seen anything on your social medias this week that made you laugh so hard you cried? Let me know in the comments below! (Links to these are much appreciated! I love to laugh!)


34 thoughts on “Facebook Fridays

    1. I did! My kitty is at the end! Screenshot, cute animal video and photo. BAM! Happy Friday! If I walk into Starbucks I’m getting something to eat not something to drink hahaha


        1. OOOH! Hahaha Yeah I probably will or at least of the festival. Have you ever been to a festival that was just about meat?? Good idea James. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I felt for him too cause you really don’t know unless you drink it. The elephant was adorable! Especially when he ran to his mama.
      I will thank you! I will share some pictures πŸ™‚ I hope your weekend is spectacular!


  1. The Facebook post about Starbucks was HILARIOUS!!πŸ˜‚ I totally agree with ending a week with a good laugh ✨😊
    By the way, being from Japan, I am really interested to get a glimpse of 4th of July celebration; if you have time, lease do share some food!! Lol


  2. Omg, that poor guy!!! I laughed but I felt guilty for laughing…and yet, this has to be the customer complaint of the year!

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend and the 4th of July celebrations! πŸ™‚


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