Highbridge Trail

Thank you photo challenge for the prompt today. I’ve been looking for an excuse to post these pictures.

A few weeks ago I posted a story about encounters with Canadian geese while walking in the Gorge Metropark. The park has 3 trails: Glens trail, Gorge trail and Highbridge trail. Most people walk the Gorge trail because it takes you down to this huge man-made waterfall. It’s a 57 foot tall, 440 foot wide dam that used to generate electricity to residents (I have one picture from winter). Now there are talks of removing the tam because scientists believe its actually harming the ecosystem and obstructing a clean, healthy flow from the Cuyahoga River.

Highbridge trail is the more intensive back route of this park. You get to see the Gorge from a different viewing angle as well as seeing the power lines and generators used to provide power it at one point.

There’s also this HUGE bridge. I can’t even fathom how they built this through a forest but walking up on it, I was amazed. The bridge connects both sides of State Road to give humans a shorter drive distance; driving through the park vs. around it.

I wish it could have been a wildlife bridge then it wouldn’t be so invasive but hey, the removal of the Gorge is one step in the right direction. Maybe the bridge can be converted later.

What do you think about human structures encroaching through natural habitats? Let me know in the comments below!


23 thoughts on “Highbridge Trail

  1. Yikes! Power lines. Scary.

    Good photos tho.

    Hmm… I think we need to keep some spaces reserved for nature without any interruption. But there are some which help keep people relaxed, so they don’t go crazy and start hurting others. So we need to have some infrastructure built into nature with bridges. But it should be a bridge between two remarkable places…. where we are and where we need to be both emotionally and physically!


    1. Have you ever seen wildlife bridges? They’re literally green bridges built to help wildlife cross roads safely, actually encourages them and makes them less afraid of being roadkill


  2. The pictures are lovely! But how are they planning on removing the dam without doing anymore damage to the ecosystem? Some of these things are irreversible, in my little educated mind (that is)


    1. You ask a great question! I asked the same thing myself! They’re only removing the concrete and sediment buildup behind the water. Once they do that, the water will flow its natural course the way it did before. The falls probably won’t be quite as high anymore but it will still be there.


        1. Yeah pretty much. If they get the funding for the project, I’ll make sure I go to take pictures for our curious minds who want to know.


            1. I couldn’t find my summer picture but when I do! Have you ever heard the sound of water rushing under a frozen river? I have video! It’s the coolest thing ever


              1. Really? like, you hear it but its nowhere to be seen. That does sound cool! You know where to hit me up, if and when you find it and desire to send it to me (which I hope you. You better do ๐Ÿ˜€ )


                1. Bahahaha I will send it in my bff edit later today. You can see and hear the water flowing but the river is completely frozen on top.


      1. But then I ask, who’s bright idea was it to have it made in the first place, and who are the people that authorised such without having it appraised by an environmental authority? rolling my eyes


        1. Hahahahaha It was some political person’s idea I’m sure and they probably consulted with maybe one scientist that the idea of hydropower wouldn’t harm the ecosystem and help the people at the same time. Except the part where nature is not stagnant and they never even used the dam for the purpose it was supposed to have in the first place. These are just my theories though


  3. Thank you for posting these! I’ve been searching for an image of the pylon on Highbridge Trail. It is hard explaining to people what I mean by how the pylon and trail are set up. The transmission towers are still active, by the way. Still being used. My friend had climbed the one you got a picture of and was electrocuted. Either directly or by an arc flash…

    Here’s a link if interested. It was on the news, even as far as San Antonio I saw!
    On a brighter note, it is a gorgeous park. I hope to say some drumsticks on/around the tower next time I go there.


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