Wondrous and Terrifying

Thursdays are dedicated to endangered species post and I still plan to write one but I want to share a story with you all that happened to my husband last night.

In a previous post I talked about how we bought a car and that it would take 2 months to get it. Turns out it only took 2 days because the dealership was able to find one surprisingly close. Because we both went to the dealership straight from work, it was going to be one of those nights where we get dinner on the go. My husband wanted Sonic. Sonic is great but if I see a Chipotle, that’s usually my automatic choice. I got my food before going to the dealership and he decided to get his food after.

We leave the dealership, say goodbye with plans to meet up at home. Again, we were in separate cars because it was easier to meet up versus us both driving home, picking up the other and driving back. Plus, the dealership said they would have someone else drive the car we just bought home for us if it was necessary.

Anyway, we ended up leaving the car there to get some extras installed and he goes to Sonic and I go home.

I’m sitting at home stuffing my face with Chipotle and talking to a friend on the phone when my husband calls me. I answer the phone and he’s quiet for a second. I start freaking out like, what’s going on. It’s one of those silences where something bad may have happened. When he finally speaks he goes, “I saved someone’s life”.

I thought he was joking okay! He’s a big jokester. I laugh and he was like, “no, for real” and proceeds to tell me the story.

The way a Sonic drive through is set up is you drive up to parking space which has its own menu. When you order your food, a person comes out on roller skates sometimes to give you your food. It’s supposed to emulate an old fashioned, retro restaurant.

My husband was waiting in line, a very long line, when a man came up to his car and started banging on the hood. The initial reaction is, “what the heck, that’s my hood please don’t dent it with your banging”, however, this man was desperately pointing at his throat. The man walked up to his window and had a white knuckle grip on the car door because he simply couldn’t breathe. His young children were nearby screaming and crying because they knew something was wrong but they couldn’t figure out exactly what.

Adrenaline is high for the man and for my husband. My husband realizes what’s going on and jumps out of the car and does what he felt was the Heimlich to try and get this guy breathing again. However his methods, it helped. The man was able to breathe regularly again after a couple minutes, he gave my husband a huge hug and went on his way.

My husband came home and said firstly, he’s never going to Sonic again and secondly, saving someone’s life is one of the scariest things he’s ever done especially since he didn’t exactly know what he was doing but the man needed help.

I was stunned. Literally floored. I thought about how you always see things like this happen on television and you say to yourself, “what are the odds that could happen to someone in real life”. If I was in my husband’s shoes, I’m not going to lie, I would have probably panicked. You never really think about those kinds of things until they unexpectedly happen.

Because of this event, we’ve decided to look up and find classes in the area that teach you how to do the Heimlich, CPR and other basic first aid methods so that if something like that ever happened again, we could be properly prepared.

You truly never know what life will throw at you at any moment or when the day comes where you turn into a real life hero.


24 thoughts on “Wondrous and Terrifying

  1. You’re was a hero. Did they exchange numbers? Or was it a story where they’ll never even know each other’s names?

    That is do great that you and your hubby plsn to take the classes. Such knowledge may very well be needed in the future. My F-I-L, S-I-L, and B-I-L were/are all doctors and all had/have stories of being called upon in public.


    1. Nope. No numbers were exchanged and yes, it is one of those stories where they’ll never even know each other’s names. Thank you! Now I think it’s one of those life lessons everyone should have. You’ll have to share one or two of those stories if you know them!


      1. I guess my hubby’s F-I-L’s most notable was when a man was run over by a tram in Prague. His dad yelled for over a dozen men to literally lift up the ultra heavy tram. They managed through great strength, then pulled the man out from under it. Unfortunately, the man did not make it, but my F-I-L tried very hard to save him.


        1. Wow! That’s pretty amazing that they were able to lift up a tram. Sometimes what we have deep inside us, defys logic when the occasion calls for it. πŸ™‚ I’m glad he did all that he can even though the outcome was sad.


  2. Nel, amazing that your husband saved him! It has to be a wonderful feeling, yet terrifying at the same time.

    My husband is a fireman/paramedic and I have to admit that I’ve always been in awe of him. I don’t think I could have those responsibilities with the stress, but would love helping others. Kudos to your husband! How brave. β™‘β™‘β™‘


    1. Wow that is so amazing! I’m in awe of every fireman because man do they walk into some dangerous situations and to keep a cool and level head, I can’t even imagine. I’m with you, I couldn’t have those responsibilities either. It takes very special individuals.


  3. What a wonderful story! Your husband is probably still shaking his head in awe. Saving someone’s life must be an overwhelming feeling. I am so happy to hear that you are looking into CPR classes. Bill and I have been talking about ever since a dear friend of his had a heart attack and the only thing that kept him alive till the ambulance came was a random person who knew CPR. Yup, we’ve got to get on this!


    1. Indeed. He definitely was even the next day. These classes would definitely be valuable in the long run!
      (P.S. I was thinking of you when I wrote my endangered post, just so you know :))


      1. I love it! This whole dragon thing is all your fault, you know! If I hadn’t written that crazy response to the first award to gave me, my dragon love might not have come out so soon. You’re the best…just wanted you to know that!β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ


        1. This will be a never ending competition because I think YOU’RE the best! Plus, I figured, it would be a good idea if you knew where dragon trees are so you can go there one day and spot a real, live dragon (and maybe steal a dragon egg..but we’ll pretend I didn’t say that.. coughcoughcough) πŸ˜€


  4. Holy crap, Nel…I’m so glad that man was okay! Your husband did amazingly well. I don’t think you’d ever know how you’d react unless you were in that situation.


    1. I agree! That’s why I want to take classes. I feel like I’d react less panicky if I had a baseline of skills necessary to helping people.


    1. You just sort of wing it? I think. I feel like thats what super heroes do. They may or may not go looking for trouble but when they find it they figure out how to save people on the fly? I don’t know, haha


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