Noriko’s Fault

I usually wait til Fridays to post videos that resonated with me on Facebook but this simply could not wait.

Noriko and I had a conversation about The Lion King earlier and this came across my feed just now. This is simply brilliant and beautiful and I’m in love. I’m part way climbing up my emotional ladder from listening to this. Please check it out!


21 thoughts on “Noriko’s Fault

  1. Ooops, I didn’t think you’d put my name on the title of your post! lol
    This video is just exceptional, I seriously got goosebumps all over!!


          1. Oh, my goodness, are you seriously saying that??? Me??? No way!!! lol i’m just an ordinary low-key person, there’s nothing special about me, haha!


            1. You made a typo. I think you meant extraordinary. Seriously, I look forward to your comments and your posts every day. You’ve resonated in my world! I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way ❤️


              1. Awww, Nel!! I don’t know what to say, you are too sweet for saying this! Seriously, I am half as smart as you are, and I always look forward to your posts because you’ve brought so many issues or insight to my life. You have given me the opportunity to look at the world that’s way bigger than mine. Thank you so much, Nel! Your words did resonate with me!


                1. We’re gonna make each other cry with these back and forths! I may be good at teaching about animals and the like but you’re great at book reviews AND you teach us about Japan which is one of the coolest counties in my opinion! Thank goodness for WordPress for bringing us together 😊. Forever here we come!


                  1. Yes, I thought exactly the same way about this back and forth! I almost cried lol
                    I was actually thinking about introducing some Japanese cultures taking full advantage of being one of few Japanese bloggers here at wordpress. I’ll definitely put the project in the works! Stay tuned ❤


  2. Love this video!! It gave me the chills! And now my daughter is watching it because she loves The Lion King and to sing, lol. Thanks for sharing Nel 😊

    And I love you named your post after Noriko❤❤ She’s one of my favorite people too!! You can’t help but love her! 😊❤


    1. Awwww! I’m glad you and your daughter enjoy it! I’m a super Lion King fan and I can’t resist watching people sing!
      I second that about Noriko. She’s so amazing!


      1. Oh yes, she loves all things Disney and especially the music! We both love musicals and drive my husband nuts, lol! So anytime she can sing along it’s even more fun, lol. I so want to take her to The Lion King Musical when they come back to town since I think she’s old enough now!! It will be amazing with all the gorgeous songs!

        She is!! Super sweet too ❤❤


        1. I want to see the Lion King musical so bad!!! My mom offered it once when we were younger but I didn’t care then. All I wanted to do was play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Now I regret it because who knows when they’ll be back to Cleveland! If you do go, take lots of pictures and maybe some video 😀


  3. That’s too bad, but I understand being a kid…unless you’re obsessed with singing and dancing like mine! I guess that’s what happens when you start ballet and tap dance at age 3, lol. She’s completely addicted to Wicked because I was listening to the CD in the car for so long that my hubby has forbidden the songs to be sung when he’s home, lol. He can’t take it anymore, hahaha!! We’re definitely going to see Wicked when they come back to town!! Raleigh is pretty good about getting musicals every year. The Lion King was just here last year but I thought since she was 5 1/2 she might be a little too young to understand. I don’t know. She likes to go to the ballet, so who knows with that kid!! I will definitely take pictures!! Not sure about videos, but I can try!! I need to put it on my to do list and see when they are coming….

    Oh Noriko, my sweet friend!! Don’t cry, then I’ll cry!! 😘❤


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