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My favorite internet librarian has graciously tagged me in a neat bookish tag that of course I had to do because I can’t deny her anything. If you have not met theorangutanlibrarian by now, well, I don’t know what to tell you except to give you this look that screams “you have a problem and you need to fix it now.” She was one of my first 10 followers and my 1000th comment (which btw, I’m quickly coming up on the 3000 mark orangutan so I hope you’re ready!). I could wax poetic about how fantastic her blog is and how much she’s made my blogging experience great but that pretty much sums it up so I hope you visit and follow her site because she’s truly brilliant!


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator of this tag (Tiana @ The Book Raven)
  • Use the original tag image in your post.
  • At least tag one fellow blogger for doing this tag!
  • List the rules.

‘No Ideas But in Things’ A book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside it.


Star nomad is the ship. It’s set in space. There’s a fun crew. And space adventures commence!

‘Dark and Lovely’A cover that is so creepilicious, that you want to eat it up.


This is a pretty creepy cover in my opinion but the story is great! It’s all about alchemy, elemental mages, necromancy and demons from another plane. I devoured the whole series.

‘Sugary Sweet’A CUTE cover that is so fluffy, you want to give it a hug.


This is the best I could come up with. I realized I don’t have cute, fluffy book covers so I chose this one because who doesn’t want to hug a wolf?? This, and the rest of the series is on my TBR.

‘The Simple Aesthetic’A book cover that stuns with the most minimalist of designs.


This one was hard to choose as well but I feel like these UK covers are super minamalistic cause they each feature half a man’s face with a different color title. P.S. The Psy Changeling series is awesome!

‘Cover Envy’A book you wish you had on your shelves, but don’t yet.


It’s not on my shelves yet but it will be October 31, 2017! I have it on preorder and I’ve never been so excited for Halloween in my life!

‘Traveling Abroad’A beautiful book cover featuring a country outside of your own.


So the story’s setting is in San Francisco but the stories in the book itself are set in China. There are four mothers who are sharing China’s culture and stories of how they grew up and what it means to be a Chinese immigrant to their daughters who are American born over games of mah-jong.

‘The Colour Wheel’ A cover that showcases one of your favourite colours.


Purple is my favorite color… (And this book broke my brain for a day)

‘Changing Gears’A cover change you absolutely adore.


I can’t talk about a cover change without showing you the side by side comparison. The left is the cover I have and the right is the updated one. I definitely like the modern one a whole lot even though the old one isn’t half bad!

‘Oldie but Goodie’A favourite cover of your favourite classic.


Again, in order to understand why I like the new cover, I have to show you the old one. The left one was the only cover back in high school when this was required reading. I obtained the right one at a book sale for 50 cents and I was blown away by the change and absolutely love it!

And the winner is Which book cover mentioned above is your favourite.

I’m going to do what orangutan did and leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide. Which cover is your favorite? Have you read any of the books listed (besides 12th Grave of course)? Let me know in the comments below!

I nominate:


14 thoughts on “Dreamy Book Covers Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag, Nel! Geez, this one is also hard! lol Out of the books you named, I’ve only read To Kill a Mockingbird and I absolutely adored it! That’s my favorite classic!


    1. Yeah I really had to think about this one as well! Sugary sweet was hardest cause I realized none of my books could be considered hugable lol


    1. You’re welcome! It was a great and fun tag to do! Haha, yes! I don’t know where my old copy went but I was super stoked when I saw the new one at that book sale!


  2. hehehee awww thank you so much for the lovely shoutout!!! I’m definitely hoping to get you upto 3000 comments (wow!! What a number!!) I love these covers so much!!! and yes that cover is creepilicious!! I really really like the sound of it as well! YES I want to hug that wolf so much!! So that’s an excellent choice!! And that is a nice sleek design 😀 I love the sound and look of the Joy Luck Club as well!! Oh yes you are so right about that Sabriel cover- I always forget they used to look different! You’re right the updated one is so much more modern.I adore that Mockingbird cover so much!! Hahaha although now I find hard again to pick a favourite- I’m so bad at this!! I’m tempted by Sabriel cos it’s one of my favourite books and it makes me feel all warm inside looking at that cover!! I have a lot of nostalgia for my very plain copy of Mockingbird, but that’s probably the best one I’ve ever seen- so probably Mockingbird (also in an ideal world I’d definitely get that copy as well cos mine is so over annotated and tatty now)


    1. Yes you have to give The Final Formula a read some day. It’s an indie author and I adored that series. The Joy Luck Club is great too! They turned into a movie and everything. I didn’t even know Sabriel got updated until I saw it in a thread and I was like woah! That is not how my cover looked last I checked. Same goes for mockingbird. No idea until I saw it sitting at that sale!


      1. Oh that’s really great!! Adding them bott to my tbr then!! Ah I never saw the original, so I was surprised to see the old one- and I read it quite young, so I just thought it was always like that. That updated version is gorgeous!!


  3. Yay! I love Ilona Andrews books (but I haven’t read that one!) I love purple too! But I also noticed the Sabriel book cover change and applaud it… I’ve never read them because the old fashioned covers were a turn off for me… but now… lol! And that is for tagging me! Woot, I’ll have fun with this one 😁😁😁 BTW loved your answers, I agree, who doesn’t want to hug a wolf?! ♥️


    1. You’re welcome and you need to read that one ASAP. Well the whole Hidden Legacy trilogy in general. They are officially my favorite Ilona Andrews series with Kate right behind it. The Sabriel book cover was definitely old fashioned and needed a reboot lol. Yes wolf hugs for everyone! 🤗 Can’t wait to see your answers 😁


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