Thank Yous & Other Shenanigans

This post is essentially going to be one long life update of sorts. I had quite an interesting weekend and why not start a Monday with a life story?

First, I would like to send a big thank you to yellowfuzzyduck over at Turtledesk. For the last week, she has been absolutely wonderful in creating a new logo for RT. It’s minimal, features my favorite colors and it just fits. She was absolutely great to work with. She’s not offering logo services anymore for now but keep an eye out on her site in the future if you find yourself wanting to spruce up your site!


Now on to my life. It all started on Thursday when I livestreamed the RITA awards on YouTube. I was half listening cause I was pretty absorbed in my book but a moment came where I stopped in the middle of a sentence to look up and listen. Author, Beverly Jenkins, had went on stage to accept the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the moment she started talking, I was hooked. It was seriously the best, most inspirational speech I’ve heard from anyone all year long. When you can start a speech talking about your roots with slavery and segregation and end it with a Game of Thrones quote, you’re definitely my new hero. If you would like to listen to her speech, click here and fast forward to 1:04:00, when her speech starts. It’s maybe 10 minutes but I promise it will be the best 10 minutes you’ve ever listened to.

Friday evening, I participated in a Christmas in July Facebook event that I was invited to by an author. There were a few giveaways and all around good fun. Then Friday night was interesting. I had a moment where I literally thought I was dying but I refused to go to the ER cause that’s always a good idea. I lived to see Saturday and spent the entire day being a lazy bones doing absolutely nothing except talk theories with Lana, which btw, thank you Lana for distracting me from my real world problems by talking about our buddy read.

Actually I also need to thank my girl Peela. We’ve become quite close since meeting in the blog world. We talk essentially everyday even though we’re like 9 hours apart and I’ve really begun to rely on her wisdom. She’ makes me laugh so much and offers such great advice. I can talk to her about anything and everything under the sun and I’m so grateful for WP for bringing us together.

Sunday. Sunday was my day. I woke up early which is unheard of on a Sunday but there I was, awake at 7am. I sat down and messaged my buddy James to see how his morning was going when I get this message from an author I follow. Now I know this isn’t a huge deal for some cause I’m sure you all are so fantabulous that you speak with you favorite authors on the regular but for me it was like a life changing moment! I’m not really a book blogger as you all can probably tell. However, I am 100% a bookaholic and I’m very active on Goodreads with leaving reviews. So she tells me that she’s noticed I’m really good at leaving reviews for her books and wanted to know if I would like to be on her review team. I jumped off the couch because I was so excited! And you know how authors and other people have assistants or a team controlling their social media but this was the author herself and I just feel really special right now. πŸ™‚

Then later in the day, I found out that I won a Sephora gift card giveaway at the Christmas in July event. I never win anything so that was pretty awesome even though I don’t shop at Sephora; too girly for me. I’ll probably re-gift it to someone who loves makeup and all those other girly things. The evening ended with Game of Thrones (!!!!) of course and James making me laugh talking about cows. I also want to thank James for just being your awesome self. I always look forward to our morning and evening chats cause you just never know where our conversations are going to go. I know you all know this fantastic guy so I don’t have to gush about him too much.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Did anything interesting happen over your weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


27 thoughts on “Thank Yous & Other Shenanigans

    1. You know Mr. Mel, I have some really cool Wednesday plans so I’ll definitely have something cooking! Thank you. I’m glad you like it. πŸ™‚


  1. Wow! Great post, Nel! I hope you are feeling better and it was nothing too serious! I LOVE your new logo, she did an amazing job! In fact, I didn’t even know that yellow fuzzy duck did graphic work!

    Congrats on winning the Sephora card and the being picked for the author review team! I’m excited for you πŸ™‚



  2. Good morning! You warned me yesterday to be sure to look out for this post (as if I would ever skip it!)… I’m so glad you had a ton of positive things happen this last week. You deserve it. And you were way too kind to me in the post… I saw the first mention and thought that was very sweet. Then a second and a third. I’m all sorts of like OMG, she’s talking about me.

    Thank you. I appreciate it so much. I enjoy the chats too! Even when I’m barely awake or you’re falling sleep, as that happens so frequently with us lately. LOL

    I hope you have an awesome day, so this week continues to great rewards and good luck!



    1. πŸ˜€ You deserve all the praise! I know I say that a lot but you’re such an amazing individual and I’m really glad you found me those months ago πŸ™‚
      Hope your day is awesome as well my friend!


  3. Wow, what an eventful weekend. Congrats on the Sephora gift card and becoming part of the review team!! Also thank you so much for your kind words, loved working with you!! ❀️


  4. Wow, that is the best news! All around…except for the part where you thought you were dying. You thought I’d just gloss right over that with all of the other excitement, didn’t you? Are you ok? Is it something that will come back to haunt you? You don’t have to go into details, but I want to make sure all is well. As for the logo..perfect! Now for the congratulatory bit….wooohooo woman! You are going to be on a review team! That is over the top awesome! I am really proud of you…except for that whole not going to the ER thing. πŸ‰ ❀️ πŸ‰ ❀️ πŸ‰


    1. Hahaha I sort of did since most people did. Friday night I got a sudden bit of unexplained abdominal pain that literally incapacitated me. I couldn’t move it hurt so much. Luckily I was just prescribed a muscle relaxer cause over the counter pain meds don’t work and that seemed to help. I did some yoga the next morning and by the end of the day the pain was gone like it never happened. Since I wasn’t bleeding out, I subbed it not serious. The ER is expensive!
      As for the rest. Thanks! It’s all so exciting! πŸ€—


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