All the Elements

I haven’t done a photo challenge in a while but when I saw today’s word, elemental, I knew exactly which picture I wanted to share. This past June was my two year wedding anniversary. A friend of my husband’s had a birthday party at the site we got married. It was pretty surreal for us to see the place 2 years later and walk the paths to see if anything changed. While walking down one of the trails, I happened to look back and saw this brilliant array of natural colors. I stared for a second and then I snapped a picture of the moment. It was so quiet and it was just us on the trail and I just remember experiencing this powerful moment of joy at the fact that we were standing here, loving each other as much, if not more than the day we married.Β β™₯β™₯


36 thoughts on “All the Elements

  1. Just curious about where this was taken. It looks like an English canal. BWB must have inserted hundreds of those sheet steel pilings to try and cope with the wash from power boats on canals built for boats pulled along by horses.


    1. I would not be surprised if you’re right. This is Coventry Oaks Pavilion in Akron, Ohio. There are tons of towpaths because there were canals all over this state. 😊 Thanks for visiting!


  2. Nice! I love canals. We’re very lucky to have the Delaware and Raritan canal within a few minutes of our house. I also grew up in a town with that same canal that is 14 miles away.


  3. That’s beautiful, Nel! I’m happy for you and your husband. Marriage can be challenging and it takes two to keep the love and respect strong. ❀


  4. Beautiful photograph Nel. What a great place to return to again and again. Same picture same spot to continue to recapture the joy of that wonderful day. πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΉβ€οΈ


    1. Thank you Dani. Married 2 years; dating for 10 oon the 24th. I hope he buys me a fancy camera so I can be a better photographer ;).


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