Try Before You… Wait What?

I try to take a lunch to work every day. Usually it doesn’t happen because I’m the type who likes to sleep as long as possible before getting out of bed. I have the brush teeth, shower, get dressed routine down in 20 minutes before I have to be out the door to get to work on time. Most days, unless some leftovers are packed form the night before, I’m getting lunch from somewhere.

I work in a very small town so my lunch choices are, unfortunately, very limited. I can go to Panera but we ate it so much at my last job that I don’t want it anymore plus I hate paying $10 for a sandwich. There’s also Subway which I haven’t had in literal years so don’t feel the need to start now and another sub place called Jersey Mike’s. I could go the pizza route but I can eat one slice or two of pizza and then I’m done with pizza for a few months. I could get Mediterranean or Chinese food but that requires me to drive further than I wish.

I usually settle on going to the local grocery store, Heinen’s. They have a variety of food and if I have a taste for something, I can make it myself since we have a full kitchen in this office. The day before yesterday, nothing but chicken noodle soup sounded appealing to me. I go up to Heinen’s to get said soup. They have a hot soup section all year round and the flavors change daily.

I walk up to the soup bar and there are these two little old ladies standing there trying to decide between the chicken noodle and the chicken paprikash. Before you yell at me for saying old ladies, there is no other way to describe them. They were short with white hair and they looked like they were 90 years old. So the one is slowly ladling out some soup in the to go container while the other one is standing and waiting. She notices me standing behind her and asked if I wanted to cut in to get some soup. I told her that I’m perfectly okay with waiting and she can take all the time she needs. See? I respect my elders.

There are three soup container sizes. Cup size, bowl size and family size. There are spoons and crackers you can take with your soup if you so desire. The lady filled one bowl size and one cup size. Then I stepped up to fill my bowl container. While I’m doing so, the ladle lady hands her friend the cup size, opens a spoon and some crackers, hands it to her friend and says, “Here, you want to try it before you buy it.” Then proceeds to open up a spoon and crackers for herself and starts eating out of the bowl.

What am I witnessing? Am I missing something? Is this the all you can eat soup hour? I put the lid on my container and made a swift walkaway because I didn’t want to be associated with this pair in case an employee happened to walk by. I understand try before you buy. I really do. I mean, I like to try on shoes and clothing before I buy them. I like to rent a movie before I buy it. But soup? Especially without asking first? Eat a whole cup and then refill it to buy? So I asked a friend who used to work at the grocery if that was a normal occurrence and she told me no but it’s a generally accepted, unspoken practice among the old that’s allowed.

I don’t know about you all, but these rules better still apply when I’m 90! I looked back at the women on the way out of the store and all I could do was chuckle to myself because they were slurping that soup with their pinkies out and a saltine in the other hand like they were eating the golden chicken and there was no where else they’d rather be.

Have you ever experienced a situation that wasn’t quite right but funny nonetheless? Let me know in the comments below!


21 thoughts on “Try Before You… Wait What?

        1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I seriously love everytime you leave me a comment. They’re the best ever. I have this picture and my mind and it’s fantastic.


  1. Too funny Nel! I love your stories! So how was the soup? I love soup and can’t wait to get back to where winter actually lives!! Please remind me of that in January when I’m complaining!! 😁

    Have a great day my friend!!


    1. Hahahaha! Will do! The soup was pretty good. My favorites from them are turkey lasagna and stuffed pepper soup. They also make a good italian wedding as well. πŸ™‚
      You have a great day as well Susan!


  2. You sound like I used to be. 20 mins from bed to car. Somehow it works, doesn’t it? I used to go to Whole Foods. There they have lots of wonderful choices. I must confess that I was among the types at Whole Foods that sampled stuff from the nuts containers. Usually I did end up buying, but I did sample. Now they have cameras set up there. Oh well!


    1. Hahaha yes indeed it works very well! I feel like sampling nuts isn’t so bad. Now that I think about it, I used to sample a berry or grape in the produce to make sure they weren’t too sour before buying the whole bag.
      Have a good day Cindy!! πŸ™‚


  3. Cute story, Nel. I’ve never heard of this, but my grandfather used to eat bananas in the store and not pay for them until the checkout. I used to be so embarrassed, lol. Not really the same as your story, but cute. I love the elderly. ❀


    1. Hahaha I’d say its the same! At least your grandfather paid! I’m not sure those ladies planned to. You’re right. It’s so embarrassing but they’re so adorable!


  4. I hadn’t heard of that yet and I think it’s a good idea. The elderly normally take longer to choose things and they want t have it the right way. Living in the 21st century when you’re 90 mustn’t be an easy task. As for funny things, where I live it’s strange to have pizza for lunch, but people see no trouble in having Burguer King or Subway sandwiches.


  5. Wow that’s a really really weird thing for someone to do. I don’t get that at all– I also get try before you buy, but this makes no sense. Even tasting a bit of icecream is usually just one flavour on a tiny spoon. So so strange!


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