Eye Candy

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write about today but thanks to the lovely Peela, I got some inspiration in a round about way during our conversation.You can probably get a little bit of an idea where this post is going based off the title but here we go.

Do you ever watch a show purely based on who’s in it, specifically who’s hot that’s in it? Or do you start watching a show and even if it’s terribad, you continue to watch it because of the eye candy?

I know, I know. Completely shallow Nel. What is wrong with you?? Well, I admitted it didn’t I??

Image result for elijah the originalsI was binge watching The Originals over the weekend trying to catch up before the final season airs whenever it airs and I found myself thinking about how I started watching this show because it was a spin off but also because of the characters. If you’ve seen this show, I’m in love with Elijah. He’s a total monster because he will do literally anything for family but the way he holds himself and talks and he has this specific walk…… see what I’m saying? The show itself is completely cheesy now versus when it first came out but I enjoy it purely because I get to look at Elijah and if not Elijah then Klaus.

Image result for lucretiaAnyway, this led me to think of all the other shows and why I watch them. I was talking to James about Spartacus last night and discussing all the hot males in that show. Yes, I definitely watched the show for the eye candy there but I went to it because I’m huge fan of medieval, ancient roman and viking types of shows. I also have a huge love affair with Lucy Lawless because Xenia: Warrior Princess was my childhood and when I saw that she was going to be in the show, it was an instant yes for me. I thought Cersei on Game of Thrones was ruthless but if Cersei went head to head with Lucretia, I don’t think she’d stand a chance.

Image result for ragnar lothbrokAs you can see from the second example, a lot of the times I’ll watch a show because someone I loved from a previous show is in this new one and I have to see them play this role. For example, Travis Fimmel played Tarzan on a really old tv show back when the CW was the WB. When I saw the trailer for Vikings and he was playing Ragnar Lothbrook, I had to watch it. Or, Ricky Whittle who played Lincoln in the 100, plays Shadow Moon in American Gods and was my deciding factor in watching that show.

Image result for idris elba luther
Sometimes I don’t know any of the actors in a TV show and watch it purely because it sounds good, looks good, or has stellar reviews. I started watching Luther because the ratings about the show were really good and because I had a history of watching BBC shows and liking them all. The show turns out to be one of my favorite shows ever and is the reason I became entranced with all things Idris Elba. Or you have classics such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica where you have characters that you didn’t think were much of eye candy but they end up becoming eye candy because the premise of the show is so amazing and well done.

Have you ever thought about why you watch the shows you watch? With books it’s easy because when you like a specific genre, you naturally gravitate towards that genre but television and movies are a bit different. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!