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I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write about today but thanks to the lovely Peela, I got some inspiration in a round about way during our conversation.You can probably get a little bit of an idea where this post is going based off the title but here we go.

Do you ever watch a show purely based on who’s in it, specifically who’s hot that’s in it? Or do you start watching a show and even if it’s terribad, you continue to watch it because of the eye candy?

I know, I know. Completely shallow Nel. What is wrong with you?? Well, I admitted it didn’t I??

Image result for elijah the originalsI was binge watching The Originals over the weekend trying to catch up before the final season airs whenever it airs and I found myself thinking about how I started watching this show because it was a spin off but also because of the characters. If you’ve seen this show, I’m in love with Elijah. He’s a total monster because he will do literally anything for family but the way he holds himself and talks and he has this specific walk…… see what I’m saying? The show itself is completely cheesy now versus when it first came out but I enjoy it purely because I get to look at Elijah and if not Elijah then Klaus.

Image result for lucretiaAnyway, this led me to think of all the other shows and why I watch them. I was talking to JamesΒ about Spartacus last night and discussing all the hot males in that show. Yes, I definitely watched the show for the eye candy there but I went to it because I’m huge fan of medieval, ancient roman and viking types of shows. I also have a huge love affair with Lucy Lawless because Xenia: Warrior Princess was my childhood and when I saw that she was going to be in the show, it was an instant yes for me. I thought Cersei on Game of Thrones was ruthless but if Cersei went head to head with Lucretia, I don’t think she’d stand a chance.

Image result for ragnar lothbrokAs you can see from the second example, a lot of the times I’ll watch a show because someone I loved from a previous show is in this new one and I have to see them play this role. For example, Travis Fimmel played Tarzan on a really old tv show back when the CW was the WB. When I saw the trailer for Vikings and he was playing Ragnar Lothbrook, I had to watch it. Or, Ricky Whittle who played Lincoln in the 100, plays Shadow Moon in American Gods and was my deciding factor in watching that show.

Image result for idris elba luther
Sometimes I don’t know any of the actors in a TV show and watch it purely because it sounds good, looks good, or has stellar reviews. I started watching Luther because the ratings about the show were really good and because I had a history of watching BBC shows and liking them all. The show turns out to be one of my favorite shows ever and is the reason I became entranced with all things Idris Elba. Or you have classics such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica where you have characters that you didn’t think were much of eye candy but they end up becoming eye candy because the premise of the show is so amazing and well done.

Have you ever thought about why you watch the shows you watch? With books it’s easy because when you like a specific genre, you naturally gravitate towards that genre but television and movies are a bit different. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

50 thoughts on “Eye Candy

    1. Lol, I’m sure too but I want to know what my audience thinks! Because some people actually do watch shows because they were based off books or because a trailer here or there was good looking.


  1. I don’t necessarily watch shows based on actors looks, but I know what you mean. πŸ˜‰ I do appreciate Poldark more because of Aiden Turner, so I have to agree. Haha… 🀣❀


    1. See? That’s another reason I need to watch that show! I wasn’t much interested in Downton Abbey until Violet Crawley and then of course Dan Stevens and his gorgeous eyes! But the plot definitely draws you in along with the eye candy, hahaha.


  2. Nel,

    I choose what to watch for various reasons, as I suspect most of us do. Yes, the sex appeal of characters sometimes plays an outsize role, but other times it’s because I enjoy a particular actor no matter what he or she is in; sometimes it’s because of the quality of the characters in a show; sometimes the powerful storytelling, scripting, plotting, or cinematography; sometimes it’s out of morbid fascination; sometimes a desire to see something truly disturbing. One thing I refuse to watch is “unscripted” or “reality t.v.” except for, occasionally, talent competition shows.

    Take care, be well, and happy bingeing,



    1. I 100% agree with with you! I’m that way with quite a few actors and actresses and I despise reality TV except for talent performances. Thank you for this wonderful comment and visiting Denny! πŸ™‚


  3. I usually will only stick with a show if I like it, eye candy be damned. But I do tend to gravitate towards gritty crime dramas, horror, and mystery/thrillers. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of my preferred genres?


    1. Probably so. You’re more like how I mentioned people stick to book genres but with TV shows. I’m a mix most times. I find myself watching shows i’d never consider before simply to have background while doing house chores or something and then I get sucked in, haha.


  4. I do like when you can get the best of both worlds, a great show and a hot guy or wonderful actress. For example, I love Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Something about him reminds me of Cary Grant, and I loved Cary Grant.

    There are a few very good actors who usually get roles in good movies. I like Michael Fassbender. I also really like Daniel Day-Lewis, but he said he’s no longer acting 😦

    Christopher Walken is not exactly hot, but he is extremely cool looking and sounding and quite a character. He’s in a lot of lousy movies, but my husband and I usually watch them anyway because he always shines even if the movie is a stinker.


  5. Nel, you’ve highlighted some of my favourites! I generally watch shows that appeal to me and if there are some eye candy elements in there great if not once the show is good I’m good. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. I remember Xenia she was awesome!


    1. She was! She was the reason I started watching every show Lucy Lawless appeared in haha. I’m glad you watch some of these! They’re great!


  6. Two shows I started watching for the eye candy are ‘Outlander’ and ‘Shadowhunters’. Both based on book series I haven’t read. I watch more based on genre though, love sci-fi /fantasy so things like Dr Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, S.H.I.E.L.D, Lucifer. Let’s face it, actors are good looking so whatever show you watch you are bound to find some eye candy to enjoy, right!


    1. Mmmmmm Jamie Fraser; with his gorgeous red hair and tight ass and sexy accent… Girl! That’s true though. We all do tend to find some eye candy. I did find one show though where was no eye candy but the chick was so funny I didn’t even care about the secondary characters (Chewing Gum, btw, if you’re curious). I’m glad to know you love sci-fi! I hope you’ve seen Firefly Ms. Bad!


        1. Hahahahaha! Yes!!! Have you seen Chuck? He’s one of the reasons I watched that show and Gina Torres was the reason I watched Suits. There’s a pattern!


    2. Meant to add as well, as cute as the supernatural guys are, I gave up on that show at season 2… Lol. I’m the oddball out I know.


    3. Eye candy definitely influences my choices however if they can’t act worth a turd then I probably get too distracted and they go down in hotness. Arrow, Once upon a time will hit the mark. Off the top of my head I’d say, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Terry Crews, Godfrey Gao and Jason Momoa. I could go on and on and on and on…


  7. Ok, I’m probably the exception to prove the rule here. Leave it to me! I tend to watch shows that interest me. If someone on the show is intelligent, witty or wise, then I am attracted to them. Looks are fine, but then I’ve never been one to go for pretty boys. It’s what’s in the head rather than what the face looks like. Based on that, I adore Luther because he smart. The fact that Idris Elba is drop dead gorgeous in a non-pretty boy way is just icing on the cake. β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ


    1. You aren’t the only exception! There were a couple others who said the same. I agree with you’re thinking however. I told someone else in a different comment that Downton Abbey attracted me because of Violet Crawley. Even though Matthew was gorgeous, the dynamics of that family life as well as literally everything that came out of Violets mouth made that show for me!
      And yes, a very sexy, dark chocolate icing on that delicious cake. πŸ˜‰ But in all seriousness, Alice!!! All I’m saying! She made the entire pilot of Luther!


            1. Girl! I watched season one of The Affair because she was in it (see how this goes? Does that make Alice my eye candy?) I got bored as well and gave up.


  8. heheheh I have definitely done this!! I watched so much of the Originals for this reason- I gave up cos of the storylines- but I also watched it cos I was in love with Elijah. And even though I gave up on the show, I still watch clips (the same is true for watching Hook scenes from Once upon a time and Magnus/Alec scenes from Shadowhunters). I’ve also watched the British version of Hustle a million times cos of Adrian Lester ❀ I mean that one’s especially silly of me, cos it’s really a programme you can only watch once cos once you know what happens it ruins it… but I still keep going back to it!! And although I love Buffy for other reasons, I can’t help but be addicted to watching Spike scenes… Also that smouldering look from Idris Elba is enough to make me want to watch Luther!! And yes I also fell for Mal from Firefly.
    So the short answer is: yes I have a problem with getting hooked on shows for the eye candy!!


    1. Yes!!! another Elijah lover!!!! It’s about to be in it’s final season so one day you’ll binge watch the rest of it, haha. I gave up on Once Upon a Time. I don’t even remember why I watched it to be honest. Yes to Spike from Buffy but see I was always an Angel fan and I ended up watching Bones because David Borneaz was in it, hahaha. Yes, yes, yes to Idris!!!
      It’s a good problem to have considering I’m sitting in that canoe next to you! πŸ™‚


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