Facebook Friday 8/25/17

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday!

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

So I did not see a fun meme on Facebook this week or if I did it was NSFW (ha). For the screenshot portion of this post, I’m going to share my blog stats because I happened to log in on a cool comments number:

I’m feeling very 3’s? How about you? πŸ˜‰

Their were two videos I shared that resonated with me. One was another Lion King video but the second one was super cool. Have you ever realized you didn’t know you wanted to know something until you knew it? Well, that was me. I didn’t realize I wanted to know how people wash their hair in space until I saw the video and now I wonder how other every day things happen in space. I remember back in elementary school when we got to try space ice cream but now I wonder what a regular entree tastes like. Anyway, here’s the video:

Lastly, I shared photos of the eclipse but I also shared photos of this soup I made that I was very proud of. I’ve never made soup from scratch before. I’m an open the can and heat it up kind of girl. Earlier in the week we bought a rotisserie chicken and I really did not want it to go to waste so I googled how to make chicken stock out of it which led to a giant pot of chicken vegetable soup.

I also had left over buttermilk from making buttermilk chicken Monday night. The thing about buttermilk is not only can’t you buy it in smaller than a half gallon, it only has a two week shelf life! So I started googling easy buttermilk recipes so that wouldn’t go to waste as well. I ended up making biscuits for the first time ever as well as pancake muffins and I STILL have like a cup and a half of buttermilk left! (They really need smaller sizes).

That’s it for today! Did you see anything cool on your social medias this week? Let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Facebook Friday 8/25/17

  1. Yummy, Nel! That soup looks delicious, and the biscuits. I’m hungry. πŸ™‚ The space video is so interesting. You might like this book we read a few months ago called “To Burp or Not to Burp.” Its all about what astronauts do in space. You basically take a chance burping, lol, but it explains exercise and how they go to the bathroom. Its a children’s book, but it’s a very educational read.

    I’m off to eat now! Biscuits sound so good. πŸ™‚ β™‘ I love these posts. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!


    1. Oooh! I’m going to look that book up. Thank you Mischenko! I felt like I was channeling my inner you because you’re such a good cook!
      Have a great breakfast and have a great weekend as well πŸ™‚


  2. I saw these photos/videos on your FB page, but no matter how many times I look at them, they look amazing! Yum ❀ By the way, your dashboard figures are amazing… 3,333 comments when you just happened to check the dashboard?? Wow.


  3. Cool you cooked a bunch of things this week Nel! The soup looks so good! β™₯️ my mom uses a buttermilk substitute (a Tbsp of white vinegar for every cup of milk… you’ve got your let it sit for a few minutes) because she can’t waste ingredients either!! Just FYI if you’re interested!


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