Lazy Day

Yesterday I had a lazy blog day. Well the day before was sort of lazy blog day too. Anyway, I’ve been quite exhausted lately because late last week and early this week has been all about carpet cleaning at my workplace. This meant that everything that could come off the floor without breaking backs, came off the floor. The primary ingredient for the products that are made here is graphite. This place has been in business since 1971 so you can imagine how much graphite was on absolutely everything; layers upon layers upon layers.

My boss’ husband is a hoarder. He’s a genius, but he’s also a hoarder. He has so many things around here that he doesn’t even remember when he bought them so of course moving things around is also a perfect opportunity to get rid of a lot of things. Suffice to say, it was all an exhausting affair and I’m glad it’s mostly over for the time being. Today is all about blasting some Pandora while furniture is put back into order over the nice, clean and dry floors.

Last night I participated in a podcast that one of my favorite authors streams every week. I’m usually a silent observer but her special guest this round was one of my other favorite authors! Basically an indie author featuring a traditional, New York Times Bestseller, on her show. The author later tweeted me and thanked me for attending. It was absolutely fantastic and very informational but it also got me thinking.

Reactionary Tales was originally supposed to be a retail therapy blog, and then a book blog but now it’s something of a storytelling blog featuring my crazy life stories and stories from those voices that can’t speak for themselves (totally quoted that from a couple of you who’ve said this before). I enjoy this very much and will continue to go with this route but I was heavily thinking about starting an actual book blog where I review books, the occasional film or TV series, and recaps of book related podcasts that I listened to. I talked it over with two friends and they really think it’s a good idea, with one telling me she’d follow me in a heartbeat.  One of those friends even helped me come up with a clever name assuming it’s not already taken.

Juggling two blogs sounds like a chore but then I think about how I juggle multiple social media pages and when I do a review it’s usually in the night time versus when I write posts on here, it’s in the day time. My review voice isn’t the greatest but I guess that’s the beauty of a blogger because you can have your own voice and people will either be attracted to it or they won’t. Ultimately, I feel like this is something I should go for because I truly think I could do a decent job at it especially watching all my fellow peers with their blogs and the encouraging words from authors themselves about how much book bloggers mean to them.

That’s about all I have for today. It’s really interesting how the mind works when you’re putting thoughts to paper. I’m really good at steering down a random path sometimes. What do you think of anything I said today? Do you sometimes get epiphanies when your mind should be tired but it’s still going 100 miles an hour? Let me know in the comments below!

35 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. I love your blog. Ok, I didn’t know it before but I love visiting because you’re so intelligent, warm and funny, insightful and spunky, sweet and cheeky- all my favourite things!
    Lazy days are allowed…come, remember?


    1. Aaaah! Too many nice words! Thank you Maria. I’m glad you enjoy RT. I strive to make things as cool and fun as possible and it’s people like you that keep me wanting to put out content each day! 🙂 And yes, lazy days just have to happen sometimes! Keeps us sane.


  2. Hi, Nel! I think this is an absolutely a great idea – you should go for it! No one can actually predict how things go; it’s totally up to you and if you wanna do it, you should! When i launched my book blog, I didn’t know A THING about book reviewing, but I wanted to express my thoughts through my words, so I went for it. My earlier posts are totally pathetic and cringe-worthy, but I learned a lot through reading other bloggers’ posts!
    You have a very distinct voice, and you could always slow down when you feel things get out of hand. Take it easy; most important thing is ENJOY yourself 🙂


  3. “It’s really interesting how the mind works when you’re putting thoughts to paper” – yes, I noticed it too so many times, when we write the thoughts down we tend to follow a path normally we wouldn’t do if we just stayed in our heads thinking. I think it happens because if we write sth down it moves out of the way and we can go further…


    1. I think you make a really great point Monika “it moves out of the way and we can go further”. Thats exactly how I feel even when the thoughts come out all jumbled.


  4. My only scare would be the time it takes for two blogs, versus one, but I don’t have time and everyones diff. I think it’s a great idea! Personally, I say go for it! 💜 You’re great at blogging and you can count on another follower. You’re one of my most favorites, Nel. Top of the heap. 😙

    Hope you can catch up on some rest soon!


    1. That what I was thinking to but I probably wouldn’t be the average book blogger and post everyday. Only when I finish a book or show etc. I thought about adding it on to RT but I feel like this site already has way too much going on to add another category plus I think the book blog would be just a straight passion.
      Thank you for your encouragement! It makes me feel really great and confident. You are also one of my most favorites and continue to be which speaking of, I have some posts to catch up on 😉

      Hope you’re having a good Wednesday! ❤ ❤


  5. I love your blog! I enjoy reading your funny stories about everyday happenings. I could not imagine trying to keep up with more than one blog. I can barely keep up with my one. Agghhhh!!! I really have been slack on reading my other blogger pals posts. I just have been extremely busy baking cakes. I am doing two more for this week. 🙂 I really wish to be lazy and just take a break. Not sure though if that is in the cards for me or not.


    1. Hahaha well let’s use the word genuine loosely cause I certainly won’t be on your level. You’re just way too awesome! I thought it would be heavy too but I probably leave a book review once a week, twice if I’m lucky so I’m going to incorporate TV shows and movies sometimes as well as interesting podcasts reviews. Since this blog is easy cause I just recount a story I think I can make it work. Crossing my fingers especially with all this encouragement! 🙂


        1. Oh! Hahaha I don’t even want to talk about the cleaning. Cleaning at work and then going home and cleaning, I want to die. Thankfully the carpet nonsense is over with for hopefully another 30+ years hahaha.
          No one is better than the orangutan! (See? Me flattering you again. I can’t help it. You’re too cool!) 😀


    1. RT is definitely not going anywhere. I promise!!! Just a new addition so this blog isn’t overwhelmed with topics. I’m glad you love RT Robin! 😊


  6. Great idea! I’m not 100% sure but I think there’s away to ‘add’ a blog to your existing account (to keep it simple for yourself). I saw the option but I don’t know what it does. It might be worth looking at and might make it easier to manage them under one dashboard. If you start another blog I’d follow for sure.

    If you want, email me and I’ll email you the screenshot of where I found it on my ‘explorations’ when I was trying to customize my blog.


    1. Thanks Dani! I appreciate such a nice comment. I probably won’t be as regular as everyone else or even traditional but I think it’ll be fun as well as a challenge haha


  7. I can think of all sorts of reasons why you should do it. I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t. Besides, if you go forth with your plan and you don’t like it you can always stop and still continue on here. I’m also intrigued with the idea of reviewing TV shows. I know lots of book bloggers but I’ve seen very little in the way of TV reviews. So, in summary, why not?! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️


    1. Thanks Linda and that’s what I was thinking too though I won’t be stopping RT in any form. I’ve still got stories and many animals to write about! 🤗


  8. Go for it Nel! Do what you love and love what you do. You have an opportunity to do both so why not give it a shot. Sure it might be a little timing consuming but you’re in the driver seat so you’re in control. You’re great at what you do and I think you would be great at that too. 🙂


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