Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How often have you heard that growing up? As a child, I remember getting breakfast in was easy because my mother made it readily available or there was always cereal to eat. As a teenager, it was always Pop-Tarts. Pop-Tarts were never bad for you back then. They were actually considered very healthy and then the times changed and things with high fructose corn syrup and white bread became very bad for you. Then you hit college and it became all about sleeping more than anything because you had that school grind to follow each day. My dorm room was located in the same building as the dining hall. In addition to that, I used to work in said dining hall so each morning, breakfast was easy because all I had to do was walk downstairs and fill my plate buffet style. That only lasted until I moved into my own apartment at the end of that first year. I still had the dining hall available but that required too much walking to get there so I started skipping breakfast. And that’s sort of trickled into my adult life ever since.

The main problem I have with breakfast is, everything I try to eat is just not filling enough or tasty enough. If it’s not eggs and bacon, it’s fruit and oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong, I do like certain fruits a lot and I don’t mind a good bowl of oatmeal every once in a while but they fill me for about an hour and then I’m hungry again. I also think the weather has something to do with it. I can eat hot stuff all year round. Cold stuff however, I hate eating it in winter which is basically upon us now. For example. this morning, I have vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries and granola in it. It’s tasty enough.. I guess.. but my body doesn’t want to eat it. We can just be honest here. I don’t have time to get up and make a real hot breakfast cause I value sleep more than eating half the time and will shower, get dressed and be out the door in 30 minutes or less just to get those few extra minutes of sleep.

I follow this Facebook page called Tasty which always has good recipe ideas like avocado toast and how to make a poached egg in the microwave but it still all comes down to laziness I think. There’s also the fact that I think each day I wake up, I don’t really know exactly what I want to eat for breakfast until it hits me. I am a huge leftovers fan but I can’t be eating a cheeseburger at 7 in the morning no matter how much I want to cause then I’ll be in food coma before the day has even started. It’s said that if you drink a full glass of water within the first hour of waking up, it’ll curb your appetite for a bit until you can get some adequate food inside of you. I’ve tried that too and all it makes me want to do is pee. The other part of it besides laziness is the fact that nowadays it’s such a big deal to think about what you’re actually consuming that it takes the fun out of consumption itself; at least that’s my opinion. If I have to think about all the carbs and calories and sugars and fats that’s in everything I eat, it’s highly likely the enjoyment I get out of eating will disappear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being healthy and I don’t slam people who do all of that stuff at all, it’s just not for me.

You know what needs to be invented? Breakfast soup. I don’t know how it work exactly. Maybe grits in a breakfast broth with some sausage and bacon and a poached egg on top? I’m not crazy cooking savvy or else I’d try that. If someone goes running with this idea, make sure to give me some credit when you’re rich and famous πŸ˜‰ . That’s all I have for today. I don’t know how I thought up 700 words about breakfast but that’s what I felt like sharing today, haha. What are some things you eat that you find fill you up until lunchtime? Are you like me and skip breakfast more than you should? Let me know in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. I have the same feelings about milk. When I was a kid you were supposed to drink whole milk. Then I decided I actually liked milk. Somewhere along the way they decided whole milk had too much fat etc. So now you are in trouble if you drink 2% and doctors want you to drink 1% or skim. My answer if I’m going to drink 99% water, lets just make it 100% water and stop calling it a milk product at all.


    1. Haha! Agreed! I don’t drink milk at all but I can tolerate it when its cooked in something else like mashed potatoes or oatmeal. I think whole milk makes things taste the best anyway. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I’m not alone in this area!


  2. The only thing that works for me is a high protein breakfast with a snack 2 hours or so later. I find if I have any sugar or carbs first thing, I’m hungry within half an hour.


  3. Soup for breakfast is awesome! I actually have soup planned for breakfast and a book today, but it’s not really breakfast soup. 😯 This time of year calls for hot breakfast for sure. πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ


  4. Ok, it’s not soup, but try this if you like pancakes. I have this great pancake thing called Power Cakes. They are whole grain and yummy! I say “thing” because they come in a cup like an instant soup. You add water and microwave for ONE MINUTE (heaven) and voila, you have pancake in a cup. I didn’t believe it would work but they do and mmm nom nom nom. Then I figured that if they can put a pancake in a cup, I could microwave one in a bowl! I use the mix from Kodiak, the same company that makes the cup ones. They have protein powder in them, so they are pretty satisfying and healthy! I’m sure you could use any mix you normally use. mmmm I think I’m going to make one now!


  5. Yes- I find breakfast challenging too! I mean food is good… but sleep is amazing… πŸ˜‰ I feel like it’s way too hard to make a hot breakfast when you’ve got to get out the door- most of the time (unless it’s the weekend) I’ll just have a biscuit and tea for breakfast… and I don’t even care that that’s wrong (mostly) I do like healthy things… but it’s such an effort to make something elaborate for breakfast. But omg breakfast soup would be amazing!!


    1. Sleep is so amazing! It is quite hard to make a hot breakfast but it’s very easy to think about it, haha. Need to figure out this breakfast soup! I could be on to something!


  6. You are not the only one when it comes to being lazy lol This is a very interesting post and a hot cup of soup for breakfast sounds wonderful for upcoming Winter season!


  7. Because I am type 2 diabetic, I must eat breakfast. I have recently started drinking a glass of water before eating as well. If I do not have protein in the morning, I am starving by 10:00. I say eat whatever you want at breakfast. If you want soup, and I have, eat soup. I have eaten pasta for breakfast. We eat backwards. Breakfast should be a big meal to fuel your body for the day. Dinner should be the smallest meal. Off to eat breakfast, what to eat?


    1. That’s what I’ve heard. Breakfast should be the biggest meal. It’s rarely that way for me though. I think it takes time to get used to eating a big meal in the morning when it doesn’t sound very appealing when I first wake up, haha.


  8. Talk about breakfast, my mother hates working, so every morning is like a new level of hunger games. What to eat??? I also follow that Tasty page on fb, and I know a lot of fun interesting things that can be made in breakfast, but who has that much energy right after waking up!!??!!?!! I have some great plans of breakfast, but I end up frying eggs and toasting bread for myself.
    I saw you mentioned poached eggs. Funny thing, I actually tried it in the morning, and it ended terribly. I saw it on youtube, and did the same thing, but when I poured the egg in the swirling water, it diffused away and it looked horrible. Only the yolk of the egg got poached, rest everything got… well idk, down the drain. Again I ended up frying eggs in a pan for me with toast.


    1. Hahahaha! You are so right! I barely have enough time to get dressed in the morning cause I never want to get out of bed. I like my eggs fried too. Maybe because I’ve never had a good poached egg before. Good on you for attempting to make one! I think I would end up failing like you did. It’s probably some secret art to it we just haven’t learned yet, lol


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