Brotherhood of the World Award

I was nominated by the lovely Noriko to do this award that I’ve never heard of or seen around in the blogging world. Noriko and I have become really close friends since we met months ago. We talk on a regular basis via social media (it’s a wonderful thing) and I’ve just come to consider her one of my closest confidantes. I’m really glad I was nominated for this award by her because she asks some really good questions. I know I’m a slacker where tags and awards are concerned but, like I said, these are good questions so I can’t resist answering them. Here we go:


  • Briefly explain your blogging style (where your favorite blogging spot/tools – as in, on the couch using your smartphone or something).

I can’t say that I necessarily have a style. I like to share life stories. When I started out the blog, I followed the WordPress word prompt things for inspiration and to meet other bloggers to follow. I participated in the blogging University thing too and then somewhere along the way it became a mix of stories, bookish posts, and regular endangered posts. When I first started the blog back in February, we were two people. M and I were going to use it as a way of retail therapy cause we worked the same job and wanted to murder the same people. We ended up not doing that and M still works at that job and has no time to write. So, now it’s just me and whatever pops into my head, I blog. It’s normally at my work desk because I have an hour slot of time in the early morning before the phone rings and the hoopla happens to crank out a post. I’m an on the fly type of girl. It’s very rare if I pre-schedule a post. Sometimes I’ll use my phone especially when I have photos I want to share cause it’s easy to upload them via the WordPress app.

  • How do you manage your blogging time including blog reading time?

I used to make it a point to blog every day. That quickly became very tough to do especially since I found myself not able to read and watch shows in my free time because I was constantly checking the blog. Now I only blog on the weekdays and I’ve designated Thursdays and Fridays for very specific content which only leaves me three days to think of something to share. I don’t blog on Saturday or Sunday but I do readΒ  some of my followers posts. Reading other blogs is a bit easy to do in my opinion because a lot of you post around the same time; early morning. So, I catch up on posts from overnight and early morning first thing before I write my post and then I check again after work to see if anything new popped up that looks interesting. I don’t have a massive amount of followers and a lot of blogs I follow don’t regularly post. Maybe about 15 total that do. So far it’s pretty easy to juggle. If I gain a bigger following, well, we’ll see. People who visit my blog on a regular basis and comment all the time definitely get priority though, I have to admit.

  • Who is your most read author?

Most read as in how many books of theirs have I read? Well, I can’t pick one so here’s a sort of overview. I’m the type of person where when I like an author, I go on a binge, most times, to read every book they’ve ever written. But, I also read a lot of series so depending on how long a series is, that can equal a lot of books. For example, I’ve almost read all of Ilona Andrews works. That equals about 15 books give or take a few novellas here and there. I’ve also read a good chunk of Nalini Singh which is only two series but that equals out to about 24ish books. Charley Davidson, that’s 12 books just in that one series; I’ve read them all. An author who writes a stand alones, Judith McNaught. She’s written 15 books, I’ve read and own them all. My list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of my shelves, haha.

  • How did you come up with your blog name?

Haha, you know, I don’t even remember really. M and I were bouncing names around and thought about naming it organix or something like that I think. Then I was tossing around ideas with my husband and I thought about how when you read a blog post, you want to have some sort of reaction. That reaction can range across the emotional spectrum but it’s nevertheless an emotion. Then I thought about how much a bookworm I am and that’s where the tales part came from because it’d be a different “story” every day. Stories make you react. Then I had to be original so I went to one of those domain name things where you plug in words and it spits back possible, available names at you and this one appeared.

  • What keeps you blogging?

The friends I’ve made keep me blogging. I know there are a lot of people here who look forward to my posts as much as I look forward to theirs. It’s a really fun hobby and I adore the many friends I’ve made. I plan to continue blogging as long as I have an audience really and probably even if I don’t. It’s just something about putting ideas to virtual paper that’s very relaxing.

Great questions right?

I’m going to tag: Mischenko, Claire, Orangutan and Roda. Short list I know but their answers are the ones I’m most looking forward to reading. I ask you 4 the same questions Noriko asked. Enjoy. πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Brotherhood of the World Award

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I like the words to flow naturally instead of prethought. That could be seen as a terrible trait but it works for me when it comes to blogging! haha


  1. Congrats on the award!! I don’t think I’ve seen this one either! And I love the questions! So cool that you do most of your blogging on the fly πŸ˜€ I kind of do a mixture- the busier I am the more I have to do schedules, but I prefer doing it off the cuff and just posting. I like how you came up with the name! Also, I always look forward to reading your posts πŸ˜€ Really love this post- thanks so much for tagging me!!


    1. Thanks! And thanks! Yeah, the only posts I do a little planning for are the endangered ones cause it requires some research if I’m not familiar with the animal I’m sharing but other than that, it’s off the top of my head.
      I always look forward to reading your posts too and I was thinking of you when I made the priority blog mention πŸ˜‰ You’re welcome for the tag and I can’t wait to see your answers! πŸ™‚


  2. Great answers!! and thank you for mentioning me – it’s incredible that we have forged such a strong bond isn’t it? It’s interesting to get a glimpse of your blogging style. very detailed, great explanations! Thanks for doing the tag, Nel ❀


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