Caption This

First day back to work and I thought it would fun to post this picture I took while I was on my break. I walked out of the house and you know, you don’t normally look at your feet right away. I didn’t notice the sight until I came back from wherever I went that day and it made me pause and wonder at the story behind it. Maybe a squirrel dropped his cache in the way home because a cat was chasing him on his heels?? Maybe it wasn’t a squirrel at all but a tiny chipmunk who just didn’t have enough space for these last two nuts? Maybe it wasn’t a rodent at all but a cryptic message left to inform me of something important??

What do you think? Is my imagination a little too wild? Let me know in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Caption This

    1. Exactly! That’s my question! Did he find it before the snow and stored it or after? We have so many trees around our house that there could be all kinds of storage hidden up in them!
      Glad you enjoyed this πŸ˜€


  1. First thing that came to mind was “uncracked cracked nuts” It’s the setting of a life and death story of the age old power struggle. You see the ninja cat left the tempting morsels strategically to lure the diabolical evil-plotting squirrel in, so the ninja cat can finally end the Squirrel’s reign of chattery-tyranny over the yard.


    1. Lol!!! You are so creative cim! Any story with ninja cats in it, has to be spectacular and it may explain the stampede of footprints that were all over the yard last night!


  2. My mother feeds peanuts to the crows that come visit her, and she has caught them hiding them under the neighbours roofing shingles. Crazy huh? Obviously some critter seemed to think that little crack would be a good hiding spot! lol



      1. Crows have always amazed me…there was one that I’d run into every once in a while that would say hello in a deep voice. It was really freaky! I imagine he’d have some stories to tell lol


  3. This one is definitely a thinker. I guess a squirrel probably got too greedy, grabbed a ton of nuts and while on its way back dropped two. Or maybe it slipped on the ice and dropped the two.


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